Why do our Mainstream politicians lack his passion?

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Submitted by Marcus on Fri, 2012-03-30 10:20

Why is just evil bastards like George Galloway who have passion and tenacity in politics these days?

This is the man who made the US senate look silly when they questioned him over the Saddam Hussein "oil for food" scandal.

He even gave kick-ass Christopher Hitchens a run for his money in a live debate over the Iraq war.

He won against a Labour incumbent in the constituency of Bradford West (held since 1974) by a majority of ten thousand votes last night.

That constituency is predominantly Muslim, which goes a large way to explaining his anti-Isreal and pro-Muslim stances there. For the rest of the Socialist retards who live there his "Respect Party" is a coalition of socialist working party Trotskyites who stand for "Respect, Equality, Socialism, Peace, Environmentalism, Community and Trade Unionism".

Indeed, he claimed this was a victory against the austerity politics of the Government and talks of it in revolutionary terms as the "Bradford Spring".

Regardless of his disgusting ideas, why do our main-stream politicians on both sides of the pond lack his passion and tenacity?

Where are the Ronald Reagans and Margaret Thatchers of today? One can only shake one's head after last night and shout, "if only"!

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Daniel Hannan is one of the good guys...

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...I agree.

As is the UKIP leader, Nigel Farage.

The only problem is that being in the EU parliament both these men are not in the UK political mainstream.

As the voting system to the EU parliament is proportional they don't even have to get directly voted.

It's a shame they don't take their passion directly to the UK electorate, like Galloway did.


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politics, in this age of mediocrity, is about marketing. Marketing that intends only to offer as little that offends as possible. That is, to give you no reason not to vote for them.

Our offensive Bradford man, therefore, wins by being obectionable in a sea of mediocrity.

 '...for good men to do nothing' etc.

Daniel Hannan

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is eloquent, passionate, and has a largely reason-based approach.

Good question

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An interesting question. If you look at the leaders of the main UK political parties: Cameron, Clegg and Milliband, they are - apart from a few nuances - remarkably similar, in terms of education, experience (not much outside politics), and broad approach: mixed economy/managerialist. They have all bought the line that we are in an age "beyond ideology". A classic case in point would be Cameron's line about "The Big Society", which is nothing more than a rather nebulous attempt to reinvent the autonomous institutions of a liberal society except that Cameron doesn't seem to realise that this cannot happen unless government is radically reduced. There is none of the bracing commitment to small government, free markets and individual liberty.

But you are right: it is galling that the only people of seemingly certain convictions in UK political life are people like Galloway. And that is immensely dangerous. I am not so naive as to imagine that we are going to get another Margaret Thatcher-style political leader any time soon (and she was far from ideal on a number of levels), but something on those lines would be a nice improvement on the current lot.

I would add that the same, broadly speaking, applies to countries such as France, Germany, the US, etc, etc. Look at the people running for Sarkozy's job in France, for instance. Ugh.

Yes Linz...

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...and Galloway will be denounced as a radical, rather than defeating his disgusting ideas through passionate reason.

All the better to embrace the "coolness" of the inclusive grey-goo than actually fight the opposite corner with any passion.

No passion, no conviction, no hope for freedom to prevail.

It's the Blandification, Marcus ...

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Passion and tenacity are deemed "inappropriate," "non-inclusive," "un-nuanced" and "uncool" unless evinced by a Galloway, in which case they suddenly become admirable qualities. One of the many insanities of the Age of Crap.

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