My final thoughts before getting in my car and going off .... The death of freedom in New Zealand

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Sun, 2012-04-01 00:00

This is simply my last post to Lindsay Mitchell's great blog: http://www.lindsaymitchell.blo...

There are no more dire times for Libz to step up.

National is pussy footing: far too little too late. Worse, Judith Collins has just legislated away a central plank of the free press, the right to protect a source, and the government is in many ways living up to a National Socialist tag rather than a party representing any sort of limited government.

IRD are out of control trying to destroy the business sector, after over successive governments gaining all the laws of the Stasi and KGB in terms of being able to brutalise the privacy of every individual. Privacy? Forget it; you have none. And your life is owned by the bureaucrats.

SFO and and the new super clobbering bureaucracy at FMA have destroyed the rule of law completely in New Zealand, by being able to put on seemingly un-ending asset freezes (Hotchin now into month sixteen without charge or trial) and inappropriately operating in the civil jurisdiction (when their only rightful role is in the criminal jurisdiction).

The State has never been so off its leash and out of control (and still borrowing over $300 million a week, which is insanity). And if that's not bad enough, our tyranny of the majority is almost bound to vote in a Labour centred government in 2014, which means further wholesale distortions of a tax system already so complex few can understand it, let alone get it right, vast increases in taxation, including higher personal rates of tax, capital taxes, the lot. A country crushed under the evil of awful minds of Statists like Kim Jong Hickey and Jesus Morgan.

I've probably never been so depressed about the prospects for living free in a free, classical liberal society: we're so far from that, having to live under the edicts of unthinking sheeple, I don't know how we get our lives back from the Big Brother State anymore.

Anyway, I'm taking six weeks off, or as near to as I can. Live in my own head for a while. Perhaps all those who understand just how bad it has become, might want to set their minds to thinking on Stephen Berry's thoughts regarding a New Zealand Freedom Party.

(Your choice, Lindsay, but any way of getting SOLO onto your blog-roll?)

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By the way, regarding Kim Jong Hickey's evil

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As I was saying:

Though in another context, he's right about the continuing borrowing program of the National Socialists. Economic and philosophic insanity.

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