These National Socialists Love Their Doublespeak: Privacy = Information Sharing.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Mon, 2012-04-09 23:21

Another piece where I need say little other than shine the torch of liberty down the new tunnel being built to the Police State:

The new Privacy (Information Sharing) Bill.

Privacy = Information sharing. Just as in Orwell, war is peace, et al.

Right. Got it.

The article doesn't State the SS officer in Wellington behind this one, but it smacks of Frau Collins, fresh from her victory of having destroyed one of the central planks of a free press: the right of a journalist to protect a source from the (largely incompetent) storm troopers at SFO:

Anyway, the new affront, and by now routine assault on our liberty under the brute fist of the Nanny State and her crony capitalists:

The Privacy (Information Sharing) Bill reduces the threshold under which information can be disclosed if there is a risk to public health and safety or threat to the life or health of an individual.

It also allows the sharing of personal information between agencies if done in accordance with approved information-sharing agreements.

So government departments can now share information about me, including with private sector cronies, on grounds of public health and safety. You don't even need to have read Orwell, just watch the six o'clock news, to know there is nothing that can't be justified somehow under the catch-all 'public health and safety'.

As fast as the previous Labour Socialist Statists financially raped and plundered the productive with their envy taxes, these National Socialist Statists are destroying individual liberty at a similar breath-taking pace. This State we live in, behind the IRon Drape, is huge: there's no where you can hide from it, and that's just how they want it, sorry, you. That's just how they want you, your life and bank accounts available to them at all times. And the sheeple go 'bah bah, get Mark Hotchin, tax the rich pricks, redistribute, redistribute'.

Fools and simpleton dolts.

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Are they

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fools and simpletons?

That is strangely preferable.

Great quote from Cafe Hayek:

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Great quote from Cafe Hayek:

... from page 184 of Thomas Sowell’s 1999 The Quest for Cosmic Justice:

As many have warned in the past, freedom is unlikely to be lost all at once and openly. It is far more likely to be eroded away, bit by bit, amid glittering promises and expressions of noble ideals.

Yes. Democracy, our tyranny

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Yes. Democracy, our tyranny of the majority, is working against freedom of the individual. And solutions are 'unlikely'.

What do you expect?

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What do you expect if 'Fools and simpleton dolts' are voting such #censored# into power ... who's more culpable: the 'powers that be' oder those who gave them that power?
how about we redistribute idiocy - then I get my share and stop being so annoyed at them Smiling

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