Hong Zhang, Jenna Wong and Mrs Parson's Finishing School for Squirrels [Dr Fun/David Farley]

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Submitted by wsscherk on Fri, 2006-04-28 13:34

Full disclosure: while I empathize with Diana Mertz Hsieh upon the publication of her essay "Dialectical Dishonesty," I enjoy reading and engaging with Jenna Wong. I will happily assert that Jenna Wong deserves reading, not arrogant dismissal as a malicious, morally-occluded worm.

If she's a non-entity and worm, why bother with a simulcast against her from the highest pulpit? That sense of proportion is disturbing to my sense of life.

As I noted in an earlier entry, my blog is off to a rather sad start here. Besides Linz's neutral one-liner, not a single opinion expressed whatso-ever, despite 151 181 reads. I don't get that part.

Anyhow, I did note at the evul RoR that I had opened a blog at SOLO. This was greeted by a fair bit of ho-hum, that's nice, you maniac you . . . but since Miss Mertz has linked to a thread at the dreadful place, I thought I would point my readers to Hong and Jenna's further commentary.

Hong Zhang
Jenna Wong

That's right: [Miss Wong:] "The other posts that I have read in the last 3 months, which have disturbed me but I tried to ignore my gut feelings -- RoR as "trailer park"? Oh, no, I hang out there. OL as "the worst"? Well, crap, I pop in there too!"

Not: [Miss Mertz:] "(3) I "insinuated" that Jenna is "the worst" because I made derogatory comments about Objectivist Living that I won't bother to look up, another forum on which she posts.

Jenna's inferences are quite bizarre, to say the least."

This is icky. The commentary leaves the impression that Miss Wong has accused Miss Mertz of calling her trailer trash. She did not. She does feel that Miss Mertz is nuts, but that is another story.


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Just plain silly so I've moved it. Not worthwhile

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No problem on the moving, Linz. The front page is more focused when the editor and publisher select the gems for display. Mine are not front-rank . . .

But you haven't said anything about the post beyond silly and not-worthwhile. This doesn't really give me the tools to improve or rethink or the hope I might make it to Page One one day.

So, what specifically was silly? The cartoon? The three links? The first paragraph? The second? The title? You say, "Try using [words] to some worthwhile effect." I have taken to task this non-specific critique before. Please can I have some more context or elaboration?

If the title or the comic/image, please feel free in future to alter or delete. As publisher and editor, you have carte blanche to add or remove a certain gloss from my little efforts.


-- as an aside to my readers, can anyone give me a critique on my response to the first comment in this thread? Don't get me wrong, I appreciate it, it's weakly entertaining and illustrates my central point -- albeit unintentionally -- but am I deranged to think that I have just been called a poo-poo head? Is this good faith banter or some kind of argumentum I am not yet familiar with?

Jennathon postponed due to rain in the park. Parts of the hive will be on Skype tonight if feasible. Otherwise, stay tuned to my wee, little read, brain-fart antics at Blog 46 for updates.

[Edit: oops, that's where we are now. Thanks for the visits, Linz and everybody.]

Just plain silly ...

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... so I've moved it off the front page. Mr. Scherkt, our laissez-faire posture near the red button doesn't mean we'll let nonsense go up in lights. You can use words—we can see that. Try using them to some worthwhile effect.

Mr. Scherk,

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You love the smell of your own brain-farts. It doesn't mean that their redolent fragrance has the same special warm spot in the hearts of others, however.

Sometimes I catch a whiff of something that translates into objective reality but, on the broken clock model, it's hard to tell if you're telling the correct time or not in those instances.

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