Rodney Hide can stop writing now ...

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Sat, 2012-04-14 02:38

... he'll never do better than this opinion piece on how tax legislation is the legislation of the police state:

Read it to the end.

Mind you, a poster from behind the IRon Drape makes another very good point:

Oh just great. Another ex-MP has a road to Damascus moment when it's too late to do anything about it. I sent you emails to the nature of the police state YOU were creating when you were in power, Rodney. I specifically posted you a long email on a complete rort the IRD were at one stage 'hunting' innocents over, to do with livestock tax, which amounted to a double cross on their behalf. And guess what I received from you? Sweet FA.

We're a police state. Furthermost thing you could think of from the classical liberal, free society ... yes. You got it in one. Bit late now though, ain't it.

Spare us the guilt trip after the event.

A Western Spring is needed to throttle this damned suffocating Big Brother State back ... you got your hand up to lead it? Oh no, what was I thinking? You got yourself squashed out of Parliament.

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Hide had his chance

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Hide had his chance to focus on this, but instead chose to champion a new super-bureaucracy. That's his legacy, along with being rolled by Brash for non-performance. It does appear he's trying to salvage something of himself. Thankfully, that dude Behind the IRon Drape has his number.

He betrayed his carbon trading pledge too

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MMP is disgusting - it seems to bring out the worst in politicians.


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I see one D Grant exhorted you to take a break!

The tragedy of Rodney is that it became all about him, and he got out of bed for the game, which he played with dirty relish. Yes, a bit late to be resdiscovering what it was *supposed* to be about now.

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