Here's the problem (again): this social scientist.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Tue, 2012-04-17 00:17

Look at this dreadful tosh by academic Darrin Hodgetts regarding NZ's 'new growth industry - poverty':

Lindsay Mitchell wisely chops off his feet at the facts:

But here is the real problem as I've posted to Lindsay's blog:

The worst thing about this academic's article is that he is completely blinkered as to 'causes' of poverty.

Like all the deluded, he is simply another advocate of theft, sorry, 're-distribution', without realising this immoral base for a political system is what has been used to grow poverty and violence via the welfare state, while necessarily stripping the individual of their liberty.

This academic represents the true problem New Zealand, and the West, have: his mind, and the minds of the Kim Jong Hickey's and Jesus Morgan's who have tripped over their bleeding hearts and can now see no higher than the gutter as the thing to aspire to. Generosity, which is a good and noble thing, has been sacked by the societal suicide of altruism.

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OK, you've tackled it already

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You could update it and they'd never notice. Smiling


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"And then you could give the peeps the reason why a strong currency is not a problem, by bringing in some Austrian economics"

As for Austrian Economics, I'm a neo-classical myself, despite the apparent failure of that school of thought since 2008.

I do not like to abandon my views merely because they are proven wrong. Seems disloyal, like changing football teams merely because they are losing.

SOLO needs a style guide like this one...

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Whom we shall liquidate ...

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I'm all for liquidating apostrophe abusers and non-users. And quackers (that's most females, so that takes care of two social blights at once).


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"....we're not liquidating apostrophes."

We ARE liquidating apostates though Eye

No Damien

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... we're not liquidating apostrophes.


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How about one on the strength of the NZ dollar, and how many of us saw that coming, and if I remember correctly - John Key predicted the opposite. And how John Key has been talking it down when it will probably only keep appreciating against the US dollar. And then you could give the peeps the reason why a strong currency is not a problem, by bringing in some Austrian economics.


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Indeed. Editors are helpful, even better if they could provide the spark of inspiration.

I'm struggling right now. Procrastinating, in fact, by typing this.


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you have editors then huh Damien?


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I've long given up trying to understand them.

There is no point. Even if you do know where they are meant to go, so many people have no clue that their placement is mostly random so no useful informaiton is conveyed.

Back to holiday mode again,

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Back to holiday mode again, Damien Eye

Is that apostrophe placement right in second to last sentence?

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