In celebration of “World Press Freedom Day” 3rd May 2012

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Submitted by Sandi on Wed, 2012-05-02 05:47

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I see Jason is espousing...

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...the ugly side of collectivism.

I suppose Russia gave the world Objectivism too?

Lindsay Perigo is already a

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Lindsay Perigo is already a heavyweight (in the literal and figurative senses) so NZ already punches well above its weight class in world affairs.

"Kiwis have always boxed

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"Kiwis have always boxed above their weight," - Len Brown 26.6.12 NZ Stuff

"those mysterious qualities that allow New Zealanders to “punch above their weight” Chris Trotter 5.12.12 Bowalley Road Blog


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Well spotted Sandi. Wotta phony. Unfortunately his socialism is genuine.

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