Shove junior out of his room - we've got asylum seekers moving in!

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Australian families will be paid up to A$300 (NZ$383) a week to temporarily house asylum seekers to make up a shortfall in community housing.

The program will begin next month, with the federal government seeking 5000 homes to be registered with the privately run Australia Homestay Network, News Limited reports. Families will host asylum seekers released from detention centres on bridging visas.

The move has backing from the Refugee Council of Australia.

"Mandatory detention makes people mentally ill and is expensive," spokesman Paul Power told News Limited.

Source: NZ Stuff

An excerpt:

She came in, a red bandana on her hair, streaks of powder on her nose, a bundle tied in a white sheet in her hand, one black stocking hanging out of the bundle. She asked: “Where’s that drawing room?”
Kira asked startled: “What do you want citizen?”
The girl did not answer. She opened the first door she saw, which led to the tenants room. She slammed it shut. She opened the other door and walking into the drawing room.
“That’s it.” she said. “You can get your ‘Bourgeoise’ out – and your dishes and other trash. I have my own.”
“What do you want citizen?” Kira repeated.
“Oh yes,” said the girl. “Here.”
She handed to Kira a crumpled scrap of paper with a big official stamp. It was an order from the Gilotdel, giving Citizen Marina Lavrova the right to occupy the room known as “drawing room” in apartment Number 22, house Number – on Sergievskaia Street; it requested the present occupants to vacate the room immediately, removing only “personal effects of immediate necessity.”

“We the Living” – Ayn Rand 1936

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We The Living: Trailer to the new DVD version of the 1942 film based on Ayn Rand's novel

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Kira was not the landlord.

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The funds being handed out to the Australian "volunteer's" are also taken at the point of a gun.


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looks to be voluntary.

Kira could've done with an extra 350 per week for the privilege of renting out the "drawing room." Might have saved Leo's life a lot earlier. Smiling

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