Obama: The Face of Evil

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Fri, 2012-05-04 22:34

I'd not realised just how evil Obama is until I read the below quote of him on this article: http://www.manhattan-institute...

“The market will take care of everything,” they tell us…. But here’s the problem: it doesn’t work. It has never worked. It didn’t work when it was tried in the decade before the Great Depression. It’s not what led to the incredible postwar booms of the ’50s and ’60s. And it didn’t work when we tried it during the last decade. I mean, understand, it’s not as if we haven’t tried this theory.

—President Barack Obama, Osawatomie, Kansas, December 6, 2011

That statement is wrong on every level, including the facts.

There is no real hope, at all, for a country that can vote a man who believes that into the top job. From the promise of 1776, they've stopped time at 1984.

(Hattip to Whaleoil for the link.)

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Damien: "Obama is not advocating man's destruction. Where has he said that? He does not believe in the unfettered power of the free market, well buggar me with a hamster."

Try this: "...it is the logic of a con man who cannot afford to let his victims discover his purpose. Besides, the majority of those who are loosely identified by the term 'liberals' are afraid to let themselves discover that what they advocate is statism. They do not want to accept the full meaning of their goal; they want to keep all the advantages and effects of capitalism, while destroying the cause, and they want to establish statism without its necessary effects. They do not want to know or to admit they they are the champions of dictatorship and slavery. So they evade the isssue, for fear of discovering that their goal is evil."

Damien: "He is hardly alone in that is he? Yet if you look at what he is doing, his economic policies are indistinguishable from that of Bush and his health care policies are copied direct from Romney."

Ok, then, try this: "If the conservatives do not stand for capitalism, they stand for and are nothing; they have no goal, no direction, no political principles, no social ideas, no intellectual values, no leadership to offer anyone."

"Capitalism is perishing for lack of a moral base and of a full philosophical defense."

Ayn Rand, "Conservatism: An Obituary"

we agree on this

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"The truly and deliberately evil men are a very small minority; it is the appeaser who unleashes them on mankind"

Well, I agree with you here. 100%.


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"You are unable to believe that some people can advocate man's destruction for the sake of man's destruction--and when you hear them, you think that they don't mean it."

Obama is not advocating man's destruction. Where has he said that? He does not believe in the unfettered power of the free market, well buggar me with a hamster. He is hardly alone in that is he? Yet if you look at what he is doing, his economic policies are indistinguishable from that of Bush and his health care policies are copied direct from Romney.

If you point at every mainstream left wing politician that wanders across the stage and cry ‘evil’ then you will have no credibility left when real evil shows its handsome face.

Osama and his lieutenants are evil. People who bulk baby infant with melamine to increase their profits are evil. People who kill others for the pleasure they gain from this act are evil. Assad is evil.

Are you saying Obama and Assad are the same?

Intellectual Abdication

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The truly and deliberately evil men are a very small minority; it is the appeaser who unleashes them on mankind; it is the appeaser’s intellectual abdication that invites them to take over. When a culture’s dominant trend is geared to irrationality, the thugs win over the appeasers. When intellectual leaders fail to foster the best in the mixed, unformed, vacillating character of people at large, the thugs are sure to bring out the worst. When the ablest men turn into cowards, the average men turn into brutes.

The Objectivist

“Altruism as Appeasement,”
The Objectivist, Jan. 1966, 6

"Why You Do Not Protest," or "Innocent about evil"

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"If someone proposed to reduce you to the state I described, you would scream in protest. Why don't you? It is being proposed loudly, clearly and daily all around you. What is worse, it is being proposed in the name of love for all mankind.

"There are three major reasons why you, and most people, do not protest. (1) You take technology--and its magnificent contributions to your life--for granted, almost as if it were a fact of nature, which will always be there. But it is not and will not. (2) As an American, you are likely to be very benevolent and enormously innocent about the nature of evil. You are unable to believe that some people can advocate man's destruction for the sake of man's destruction--and when you hear them, you think that they don't mean it. But they do. (3) Your education--by that same kind of people--has hampered your ability to translate an abstract idea into its actual, practical meaning and, therefore, has made you indifferent to and contemptuous of ideas. This is the real American tragedy."

Ayn Rand, "The Anti-Industrial Revolution"

Be objective, for OUR sake!

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"If businessmen are willing to ignore the proclamations of the New Left and to serve as milch cows for brazen, nature-loving hoodlums--they deserve what they will get.

"But the young do not deserve it--not those among the young who are suffocating in today's atmosphere and are groping blindly for some glimmer of rationality. It is they who should fight for their precarious foothold on reason, which is now being systematically undercut.

"The first step of the battle is to realize that their enemy is not the screeching Dionysian hippie-puppets, but those exponents of middle-of-the-road respectability who tell them gently, in their classrooms, that words, ideas and philosophy do not matter and that the Attilas do not mean it."

The Jim Taggarts of the World...

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"But I didn't mean that! We couldn't help it!"

"The thing that permits men to utter public statements which, if believed, would cause people to run from them as from lepers, is the fact that no one believes it. Most people have been conditioned to regard broad generalizations, abstract ideas, fundamental principles and logical consequences as impotent, irrelevant, invalid or non-existent. 'Aw, they don't mean it,' is the general attitude...they don't want to go that far.'...Well, Hitler, too, announced his abstract principles and goals in advance, and evoked a similar reaction from the pragmatists of the time. The Soviets have openly preached world conquest for fifty years, and have conquered one-third of the globe's population--yet some people still do not believe they mean it." -Ayn Rand, "The Left: Old and New"


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As Carter, was, as Reagan was, as Tony Blair was, as Clinton was, as Bob Hawke was, as David Lange was.

We create heroes, elevate them, and them watch as they fall.

Kennedy alone remains a deity because he did not live long enough for us to become disillusioned.

Be objective, for goblins sake!


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"Obama is not the Great Satan."

No, he's the goddamn Obamessiah.

promoting evil

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I disagree Leonid. Promoting something that you (Leonid) believe to be evil does not automatically make the promoter evil. Many people who promote socialism and similar beliefs, like religion, honestly believe that they are engaged in good work.

You can turn it the other way around. What if we are wrong? What if the introduction of a libertarian society had unintended consequences and caused great suffering and misery? That is not what we think will happen and we do not wish it to but if it did, would that make us evil?

Missionaries coming to bring Christianity to the New World brought disease and death instead. Were they evil for bringing the disease? Were they evil if the introduction of Christian religion brought civil strife and civil war to the societies it was introduced to?

The idea that people who disagree with you are evil is just stupid. Just think in your own life, the many good people who hold mainstream centre-left views similar to Obama's. Are they evil?

Part of the failure of the US media is that it has fragmented along political grounds. People watch media that spouts product that is in line with their beliefs and are not forced to confront different views. The internet is worse, allowing a fracturing of views and isolated cul-de-sacs of self-reinforcing belief systems where those who are not perfectly in agreement are hounded out.

I like this forum because there is a degree of tolerance for divergence of views but the idea that socialists are evil has been annoying me. They are not.
Obama is not the Great Satan.

Evil is evil

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Chaos theory now as an justification of Obama's type of socialism? Historical determinism -"Congress sets the domestic economic agenda."? No, sir. Obama is not a butterfly and congress is not acting in the outer space. Explicitly or implicitly they act in accordance to the certain ideology defined by the dominant Western philosophy which is altruism and this philosophy is evil. The rest are technicalities. Your own post is a witness. You may name an evil socialism, communism or Obamacare, evil it is. Whoever explicitly promotes this is an evil man.

Evil does as Evil be

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By Leonid’s logic if a butterfly beats its wings in Brazil and it leads to a cyclone that kills people in India then the butterfly is evil.

America’s long journey from a low-tax free market society of a century ago to the relatively highly taxed and regulated one it has today will continue no matter who is president.

Congress sets the domestic economic agenda.

Reagan (who gets a big plus from me for his monetary policies) and the second Bush ran up massive and reckless deficits that they left to their successors, the first Bush and Clinton to repair. Nixon was not a great advocate for advancing the cause of freedom and Ford was a Muppet. Carter did some deregulation but he also tried to impose price controls (but could not due to congress!)

Romney; he was a fiscally prudent governor but his social views are abhorrent. He may be preferable to Obama but I think that the difference is marginal. What matters is who wins Congress. The guy to watch here is Paul Ryan, despite his recent de-Randing.

Bro Hubbard

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Life will be even shorter if Obamarx gets re-elected. I don't know what it will take to wake folk up. The Americans are the most complacent of all. Where in particular are the ortho-Objectivists like Peikoff, Valliant, Fahy, Brook, ARI et al? Urging folk to vote Obamarx because Romney ain't perfect, I suppose. Jeezy! Where is the urgency?! If Obamugabe is re-elected, it's goodnight nurse for the remnants of liberty. What is the matter with folk??!!

My secret is I never listen

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My secret is I never listen to Obama. He ain't gonna tell me anything worth knowing. Life is short ...

It's also a surprise...

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...that Mark didn't notice that Obama said the exact same thing in his state of the union address this year when he criticised Republicans for thinking low taxes and a reduced state were good for the economy.

Maybe the dog's bum was getting in the way?

Bravo Leonid

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A good way to put it.

There really is no excuse for Obama's wilful ignorance.

Look, I recommend the best quality rope for him.

Damien Grant

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Marx, Lenin and Stalin also believed that capitalism leads to economical and social misery. They honestly tried very hard to create a brighter world. To their merit I'd say that they didn't know what would be an outcome of their efforts. Does it make them less evil? I don't think so. Obama does know results of this great experiment which left hundreds of millions corpses behind, evades this knowledge and promotes Socialism. This makes him more evil than Stalin.

defining evil

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If Obama believed that free markets were the salvation of the planet, and advocated the opposite, to the detriment of mankind, merely to advance his own political career, then i agree that would be evil.

But if Obama believes that unfettered free markets lead to economic misery and that the ‘third way’ leads to a brighter world, then he cannot be fairly called evil.

His actions may well lead to bad outcomes but to be an evil person I believe that you must actively seek out to do harm.


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Damien, Damien, Damien.

Surely the leader of the supposed free world, repudiating outright the one economic system that can deliver freedom to every individual in America, the only one, is an evil of a whole different magnitude than denoted by 'wrong on some areas of domestic policy'. Once you get to the point of not understanding either what a free market is, or the importance of it - thereby destroying free markets - then the philosophical base of the free society is already well and truly gone.

Pol Pot's evil was out in the open, but have no doubt that Obama's actions are evil: I think Linz said in one of his posts (may have been a comment) if he wins at end of this year, then America steps into the abyss. I'm 100% in agreement. And I bet the Founding Fathers would get to the evil tag for him immediately: it's almost impossible to put into words just how much he is the antithesis of all they stood for.

(Re dog bottom grooming, some time ago it led to the happy knowledge that the best cure for a hangover the next morning, is to do your heavy drinking before lunch the day before. You'll never get a hangover. Though you do the grooming bit first, otherwise pooch could get hurt).


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Thanks for the link.


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Look, Hubbard, what you and your (no doubt consenting) canine companions do together are images I do not wish to have fleeting through my mind!
(Reminds me of a bad joke: did you hear about the old circumcision doctor? Missed and got the sack.)

But back (briefly) on topic, I prefer to think of lefties as either miss-guided, or acting in what they perceive to be their own self-interests, rather than evil.
Saddam Hussein and Joseph Stalin were evil. Obama is simply wrong on some areas of domestic policy.

Evil is a word I like to keep in reserve for those who have really earned it. If Obama is classified as evil then what adjectives do we use for Pol Pot?
Of course decent people can undertake policies that can lead to evil outcomes. It is possible (i have no idea, just for the purposes of debate) that Lenin was not an inherently evil person, but the system that he spawned was one of the most evil that human history has ever witnessed.

This I think is the real frustration. When I debate left-wing individuals they have a certainty of belief in a philosophy that is so wrong. Explaining Ricardo’s comparative advantage theory to a socialist is remarkably unproductive.

I therefore fall back to a self-interest proposition. Middle class left-wingers are afraid of free trade because they do not wish to compete with cheaper-overseas workers. They prefer the status quo. Even if they may be better off if change happened, they would prefer not to have to experience change. (Same argument applies to exercise).

Therefore, protesting against globalisation is not about protecting poor Mexican workers from exploitation but about keeping middle-class westerners in comfortable jobs. Rioting Greeks are another perfect example of people unhappy about ‘austerity’ when they are really hoping to maintain their unsustainable lifestyles for a while longer. If you take this view, it explains why reason is never going to work. Socialists are not guiided by reason but by self-interest.

I prefer to see them not as evil, merely seeking to advance their economic interests in what they, wrongly, perceive to be a zero-sum-game economy. Also, not thinking of too many of my fellow humans as evil makes my short-time here more pleasant. It would be a bleak, espicially if accurate, world view to see the vast majority of humans as what they really are: shallow, vacuous, narcissistic self-obsessed short-sighted and self-delusional cretins, even worse if I was to realise that I was one of them!

That video where Obama says that is shocking

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If you want all the Democrat lies in one handy place - try his website.

True. This quotation stunned

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This quotation stunned me, though, because it's such a brazen rejection of capitalism. I still thought he was 'playing the game' of lip service.

I shall refresh myself on your series (although it's that time of the six weeks, first, when we have to shave the dog's bum).

Bro Hubbard

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I'm appalled. I've done ten op-eds in the series, "The Anti-American President" and it takes a Whaleoil link to show you how evil Obamarx is?! For that you deserve to be stuck in a lift with Dick Baade—and his ghetto-blaster. Eye

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