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“President David Palmer: Anne, I have been in this job for nearly four years and I have learned the hard way that there are no absolutes. Sometimes you have to make compromises.

Anne: (President’s Doctor and Romantic interest) Politically, yes. But when it comes to morality, David, you have to draw the line.”

24 – Season Three – 4 p.m. – 5 p. m.

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I already have two

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I already have two addictions: the NBA playoffs and guzzling Pepsi-Cola during them. I don't need any more addictions until summer.


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24 is like a bad addiction. You don't really enjoy it but you've got to have your next fix.

I really think it mostly sucks but once you start watching it you're hooked. You gotta find out what happens next.

> I love Jack Bauer. My

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> I love Jack Bauer. My material grandparents were named Bauer

OK. Well now I'm sold on the series. Unless you're simply being unreliable about your grandparents.


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You're right about every (or nearly every) episode ending with a nailbiter, but I like that, maybe because it reminds me of the serials I used to watch at the movies as a kid. Besides, if it gets really bad, I have all four season on DVD so I don't have to wait for next week.
I love Jack Bauer. My material grandparents were named Bauer. Hm.


Season Three

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Season three starts at 1 p. m. But be careful with this info, after all, I am the most unreliable secondary source EVER. Tee hee.


I watched it once and it was

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I watched it once and it was good, but it ended with a nailbiter. I -hate- TV series which always end on a cliffhanger. I have indigestion for a week..and same thing happens next week... so I never get a satisfying feeling.

I like "The Unit" which is about Special Forces. There is an arc of confict and its resolution each time. The good guys win at the end of every episode. If not, it seems malevolent to me.

Does that make me a pussy?

Episode 3 Start

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Thanks. I should've figured they'd have a webpage with the answer to that question.

What's been throwing me is that Season 2 ends at 8:00AM. So I assumed it would pick up from there.

1:00pm to 2:00pm

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If you'll goto http://www.fox.com/24/episodes/season3/ you'll find the episode timeline for season three.

Season Three

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Fred, can you or someone else tell me what time Season Three starts at? I have most of the rerun episodes Tivoed, but I'm still missing some of the slots between 7:00-10:00 A.M. which is frustrating the hell out of me because I think that's when it starts.

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