Pan European war within 20 years?

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Sun, 2012-05-06 21:51

Fanciful? Possibly not.

Keynesian socialism is in the end game of destroying entire economies in Europe, and it was necessary before that process started that personal freedom had to be sacrificed to the all-knowing State. So when it all goes down economically, like is must - apparently, politicians aren't capable of reading consequences from history - then there's two alternatives:

1) A movement to classical liberalism and laissez-faire capitalism - the free, prosperous society option, or;

2) As in the past, stupid people will take the line they need strong leadership and more state to fix the problems of far too much state in the past, so countries lurch toward the extremes of fascism or outright communism.

Due to the hatchet job the Left has done in the minds of the West - for proof, look at MSM reporting - it's a foregone conclusion, as evidenced on the news this morning:

1) France has replaced a big spending, big taxing president with a bigger spending, bigger taxing president (who actually campaigned on higher minimum wages, lower retirement age, and more state.)

2) For the very first time, Greece has just put neo-Nazi MP's into its parliament in the form of Golden Dawn.

So, it seems the clock is reset to some sort of iteration of the late 1920's and early 1930's, and a pan European war arising from the Gulags of Good Intentions in Europe must be some sort of percentage possiblity, again. It will start around conflicts over immigration.

And no USA to bail out freedom: it's not the land of the free anymore.

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It's very nice, and for a

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It's very nice, and for a good price Smiling

Chin Chin

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Wolf Blass YELLOW Label 2010 Shiraz - is there more to life?

I hope that isn't

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I hope that isn't confirmation that I'm as mad as a hatter, Sandi. I like to think I'm only that way after a shiraz, or two, or three.

Cheers Richard

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You have confirmed what I have suspected a while back.

There is a world war already

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There is a world war already in play, Mark.

have no fear

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The next bail-out will come from China.

No strings attached.

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