Yo my Atheists bro's: Join with me & jump on Dawkins' Meme bandwagon to explain why Christian belief is so prevalent

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Mon, 2012-05-07 05:54

Yo all. One of our Gang of Four (Dawkins) has finally nailed it (i.e the final nail in the coffin of Christianity). You see: he's so magnificently articulated just how it is, that those pesky Christians believe in a Christian God.

It's all because Dawkins has discovered the "God meme" (a thought virus) that has adapted and survived the rigours of the beautiful evolutionary process, because it helps the advancement and survival of the human race as a whole.

It has a remarkable way of spreading and infiltrating the minds of humans & I commend you as my fellow athiest objectivites for your apparent resistence to such a virus.

In the meantime I decree that you treat with your customary close minded disdain, any requests made by the Christian enemy, that the onus of proof (for positing the actual existence a "God meme") rest with us.

When will those Christian nitwits get it into their numbskulls that our mere speculation and unproven theories trumps their rational proofs, because we are superhuman, atheistic objectivites and that they should be ever so grateful to us for making the world a better place?