KASS Mario Gem—Home Recording of 'Lamento di Federico'

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2012-05-07 07:51

Here's the latest Mario gem from my collection that Gregster has posted on YouTube. This is a home recording, and unfortunately the lads weren't keeping their eyes on the levels. But this is such an extraordinary piece of singing it's worth posting anyway. (Complete with Mario doing funny speaking voices. In the "all right" before the singing you get an intimation of what his famous imitation of bass Ezio Pinza singing 'Some Enchanted Evening' must have sounded like.) As we've said on YT:

"We thought it worthwhile to upload this home recording, Irretrievably distorted as it is—the color, beauty and power of Mario's voice are overwhelmingly evident notwithstanding. An especially thoughtful rendering of Cilea's Lamento di Federico that, had it been well recorded, might well rank as his best."