Life Behind the IRon Drape is back up ... limited content though.

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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Tue, 2012-05-22 05:38

My extended holiday ends Friday, back to work on Monday. I've made a bit of progress on a private project, while away, being an attempt at a novel. It may well be doomed: I can judge good writing in others, but seem to have no judgement when reading my own: so, it may well end up hopeless, but you've got to follow your dreams.

Anyway, I've reinstated my old blog to push the novel if I end up liking it (it has within it a blog called Life Behind the IRon Drape). SOLO remains my 'home', but I will use my blog to put up 'bookish' material in the meantime, and perhaps novel excerpts. Currently I've got a book review up on Jennie Erdal's The Missing Shade of Blue, which is essentially a 'deconstruction' of Hume. Note what the review says about how 'deconstruction' is the dead-end of literary critcism (just as Hume became a dead-end for morality). Review has footnote indicating the indebtedness of it to Linz's post on this site: 'Reprise: The Fatal Deceit ... or, Hume's Homecoming'.

New blog at: http://lifebehindtheirondrape....

And I reckon it must have one of the the longest blog byline in New Zealand:

Tax legislation has become the legislation of our new Big Brother police states. To fund the careless spending of profligate politicians in their eternal war for the Common Good, the IR's, including New Zealand's IRD, have been given the powers of the full totalitarian state to be used systematically, and with forceful intent, on innocent people who have not initiated force on their fellow man, and whose only crime has been to run businesses that better the life of everyone through the most civilising action known to man: the voluntary transaction. History tells free men this line was never to be crossed by a government, again. You have no liberty from the IR's, you have no legal defence against them, you cannot question their actions or seek judicial review holding them to account, even the burden of proof has been turned against the taxpayer: through the shock and awe power of the IR's, the tyranny of the majority owns your income and your property. We all now live our lives according to the whim of the mob, and Cult Keynesian bureaucrats. Europe is broken. The United Police States of America are in the economic end game. Immorality rules as free men continue to be sacrificed to the societal suicide of a State forced altruism that has laid waste the noble humanity in generosity, charity, compassion, and that has traded self responsibility and self reliance for the violent give-me-that-I'm-entitled-to-it society. And ask yourself the last time you heard a politician voice either of the words liberty or freedom as if they actually mattered? The Common Good has been the war cry of every tyrant throughout history: since the hope of 1776 we have been traveling back in time to Orwell's 1984: be very afraid ...

If you're interested, the novel simply puts all the main characters in Orwell's 1984 into a modern day tax audit Smiling Unfortunately Orwell's novel is still seven years out of copyright, so if I am happy with what I write, I'd have to ask permission from his (estate's) agent).

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Instead of a rape scene, I reckon you should have a copyright infringement scene.

Deconstructing Hume featured on Bookman Beattie

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New Zealand's number one blog on the book trade Smiling

Objectivism gets highlighted in the mainstream (hope I've made no goofy errors).

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