Wgtn Libz Stalwart Wim Verhoeven Dies

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2012-07-08 05:16

PC informed me this morning, and has posted on his blog, of the death of Wim Verhoeven:


Wim was the sweetest of souls, and an unflagging stalwart for Libz from the beginning. I was greatly saddened to hear this news, and shall be attending his funeral on Wednesday.

Linz, about "stalwarts"

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I never heard of him -- you may believe this or not, as you will, but I've never been to New Zealand -- but it sounds like a true loss. As is any loss of any stalwart of freedom. My condolences.


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Wim received a moving send-off this morning in a packed-to-overflowing Lychgate Funeral Home. Terry and Grant did their dad proud with emotion-charged eulogies. A large contingent of Wgtn Libz showed up, and we had an impromptu meeting after the main event.

Very sad

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Wim was indeed a very sweet, kind, gentle man, who quietly worked hard, contributed financially to promoting freedom, made submissions to Bills, attended marches, distributed leaflets, hosted Libertarianz meetings and was one of those people who consistently, proudly and thoughtfully believed in and supported liberty.

We spoke many times over the years when I lived in Wellington and regularly attended Libz meetings and events, and his quiet patient nature never betrayed his passionate clear commitment to freedom, respecting people's right to live as they see fit, and to recognise and respect achievement and success.

My deepest condolences to his family and all those of us who knew him, and I sincerely hope and fully expect his funeral will be a celebration of a life well lived.

It was just posted on Facebook...

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...that today is the 16 year anniversary of Libz.

Isn't that depressing.

I don't know Wim, but there

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I don't know Wim, but there are so few Libz-minded people left in the world, any loss is a great loss. Best I can say is, wish I known him.

That's sad news.

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My condolences go out to Terry and family. Life seems too damn short.

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