Comrade Clark's Clanger

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2012-07-17 22:38

Comrade Clark's Clanger

The Marxist-hued face of former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark is an even deeper red after her bestowing of a business award upon an Indian tobacco company.

Comrade Clark's current mode of parasitism is heading up the United Nations Development Agency (she who has devoted her life to blocking and punishing development).

In that capacity she recently presented ITC (formerly Indian Tobacco Company) with the WBCSD (World Business Council for Sustainable Development)'s highest prize for improving the environment and reducing poverty.

When asked to explain, she reacted with horror:

"I have worked tirelessly throughout my career to achieve a smoke free society in New Zealand, and was, thus, shocked to learn that a World Business Development Award, supported by UNDP, was given to a company which derives a substantial proportion of its profits from tobacco. Unfortunately the criteria for the World Business Development Awards did not exclude projects implemented by companies from certain sectors like tobacco. This has clearly been a serious oversight. UNDP will not participate in these awards in the future unless companies like this are excluded. I retain my strong commitment to anti-tobacco policies and will continue to fight for the health and well-being of citizens in New Zealand and around the world."

During her period as NZ dictator, Comrade Clark outlawed smoking in bars and restaurants, meaning among many other things that cigar bars had to close down. I urged then-National leader Don Brash to kick off the 2005 campaign in the cigar bar at the top of Auckland's Parnell Rise and commit to repealing Clark's exercise in nanny-statism, but of course he lacked the testicularity to do that.

Clark also tried to make it an imprisonable offence to criticise politicians "unfairly," but gave up after the furore this part of her totalitarian agenda engendered. She was finally thrown out amidst outrage over her regime's Electoral Finance Act which effectively prohibited meaningful debate during the months leading up to an election, and that regime's blatant misuse of taxpayer funds for party propaganda purposes.

I once called her an "evil bitch" on air. Her office demanded an apology, whereupon I said my description had been only 50% accurate.

It is gratifying to see this despot humiliated, but galling to think she still promotes tyranny on the taxpayer dime.

The best way to thumb one's nose at this statist control-freak is to smoke up a storm and blow it in her fascist face.

Heh, heh

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Heh, heh. If she knew who ITC was beforehand, then incompetence. IF she did not know then, incompetence.

..whereupon I said my description had been only 50% accurate.

That's a masterclass in handling apology requests. She'd probably never had anyone call her that before publicly. I mean, who would dare?! Well done.

Ah, the moral contortions of

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Ah, the moral contortions of the Socialist greenie, always a delight to observe.

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