Dreamhost = Nightmarehost

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2006-05-04 07:07


Overnight (NZ time) our site was disabled by our hosts, Dreamhost. I received the following e-mail explaining why:


Unfortunitly being that you have not contacted us to let us know that you are working on lowering the cpu usage We have had to temporarily turn off your site until you contact us to let us know that you will work on it. Sorry for the inconvenience but we can not allow you to impact the performance of other users on this server.


To which I replied:

My understanding was that my webmasters were indeed working on this issue with you - they were reporting frustration to me in their efforts to get the necessary information. But please be assured we want to resolve the matter as soon as possible & restore the site immediately.

Webmaster emeritus Dunc then weighed in:

The reason we have been unable to resolve the CPU usage problem is that DreamHost have been unable to provide us with detailed logs explaining where the CPU usage is going; despite attempts to resolve cthis, the CPU resource logs still show all PHP scripts executing as a single process, which is not exactly helpful in terms of working out where to start in terms of improving the site's efficiency.

Perhaps some kind of warning would have been in order, before disabling the site? You know, something along the lines of "despite that fact that we can't explain where your CPU usage is going, we're going to turn off your site in two days time if you don't lower it" would have been nice.

This is simply ridiculous.

Then we discovered Nightmare host have a history of using this CPU issue as a false pretext for browbeating users into more expensive options:


Julian subsequently let me know that he could put us back up cunningly without the host's approval or cooperation. I said if we could do that without shooting ourselves in the foot, we should do it, since we're paying for the service & Nightmarehost's stated reasons for withholding it are fraudulent.

So here we are, with some functionality scaled back. But they'll pull the plug again at any time. We are of course moving as speedily as we can to find suitable hosts who are not crooks & traitors to the free enterprise ethic.

Make the most of this window. We'll inevitably be down again soon, but back up asap after that! Smiling


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dummy or idiot?

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Thanks, Rick, Marnee, and Jason!

I now have quite a list of things to check out. And I just bought Websites for Dummies. I was torn between that and Websites for Idiots, but decided on the former because my IQ falls just above idiot status and right into the dummy category....

Better Suggestion

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You really dont want to use Go Daddy for such an active and large community. The price point it too high, I think.

I suggest Laughing Squid. Run by a bunch of San Francisco hippies (ha!) the hosting is designed especially for online communitites like SOLO. You will get excellent customer service. They come highly recommended by a friend who has been doing IT for over 10 years. He recommends them to his clients and has never had a problem.


$3.99 / month at GoDaddy

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It's even less if you pay for one or two years in advance. Is that inexpensive enough?

The free blogging services have pre-packaged templates. With GoDaddy you have a blank slate to do whatever you want.


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...we all know this is just a cover to protect Ross. I knew once he got his hands on things that it wouldn't take long for him to push Humpty off the wall Eye

In their last email,

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In their last email, Dreamhost claim that they thought I had given up working on the issue, because I hadn't replied to them in a few days; for my part, I thought *they* had given up on the issue, because they never managed to get the logging working correctly so we could pin down which scripts were using the most CPU time.

Regardless, to pull the plug on the site like they did, without any warning, was downright unprofessional.

websites - free and otherwise

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Guys, I'm thinking of creating my own website for issues related to education and teaching.

I'm new to this: I know blogs are hosted free in several places. If one creates a low-volume website (as opposed to solopassion) are there places where it can be hosted for free (or for less than the cost of monthly phone service) ...hopefully without being truly swamped with ads?

Have any of you already researched this?

Big Daddy

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Well, as I said, my heart belongs to Daddy. Smiling

-- The Gilded Fork

Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

I thought ...

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... your most recent photo was especially fetching, & I'm distraught that it has been lost, however temporarily. Smiling


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That's great! I'm suprised she beat me to the suggestion box.  You may have won this round Prima Donna Regina Dildo...

Hopefully the restored functionality will mean that everyone will once again revel in my beauty being that my user photo is lost again.



Funny you should say that ...

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.... but we're going with GoDaddy, at Prima Dilda's suggestion. Smiling

First thing I said was, "Trust Jennifer to go for a name like that." Smiling


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I know how it is with web-hosting companies. I recommend that you give GoDaddy.com a try. They host both my website and Prima Donna's website. I've had nothing but excellent service from them.

Adam Buker


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