Peter Dunne = EPIC FAIL

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Submitted by Richard Goode on Sat, 2012-07-28 15:19

Quarter past midnight. Central Wellington. Cosmic Corner is OPEN.

"Do you have any synthetic cannabinoids?"


"That haven't been banned yet?"

"Yes. We have ..."

Puff is "mellow."

K2 is "stronger, lasts longer." Of the two, I'm told K2 is the most popular.

"It's $30. Two grams."

"I'll buy it. Thank you."

Yes, I know. If I had any sense, I'd smoke cannabis. Not some novel compound with no history of human use sprayed on some unidentified plant material.

If Peter Dunne had any sense—or even an iota of compassion—he'd legalise cannabis. As a recreational drug user, I have choices. Medicinal cannabis users do not. I'm sick of Dunne, and I'm sick of his gang of thugs who are now actively persecuting members of the medicinal cannabis support group Green Cross, including Billy McKee and Stephen McIntyre (recently deceased).

Just go the hell away, Peter Dunne. Now. And don't fucking come back.

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I just came on this thread. WTF are you talking about? Prove mj is safe? Proving something is safe and effective in the states costs a billion bucks, last I heard. As soon as it's proved "safe"--who is going to pay for that?--this asshole will demand proof it's efficacious--who's going to pay for that? Safe and effective and ready to go? No. The asshole will demand something else. Freedom is freedom from would be assholes in your life, among other things. Fire the bastard.


This garbage is not worth replying to

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Damien, I believe the proposed law excludes any drug already banned under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

as far as I can tell

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it is synthetic compounds but there is nothing in the act that limits organic compounds being submitted. So the magic green herb could be approved.

There has been a back story to all this that is not yet been made public, it is interesting but it is not my story to tell, sadly.


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...I guess this a radical step in the right direction.

I'm still not sure what is on offer here though. Is this "artificial drugs" only and "party pills" or are these the same thing?

And what will the definition of "safe" be?


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Can anyone post a link..,

Marcus's picture the news story that inspired this thread?


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The change that is happening here is really important, do not dismiss it too quickly.

What Dunne is saying is that if you what to sell a product you must first prove it is safe and there is a framework for doing this. Once this is done you can sell it.

Now, this is a long way from a libertarian free state of course but the change is incredibly important. The state is going to treat the selling of narcotics on a similar basis to selling beer.

I’ve been watching this for a while and it incredibly important because it could lead to the decriminalisation of a wide range of products currently banned and it provides a framework for the state to gracefully exit from the prohibition business.

This is also, as far as I am aware, a world first and could be a template for other nations to likewise abandon the failed war on drugs.

Seriously, Peter Dunne deserves support here.

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