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Submitted by gregster on Tue, 2012-07-31 21:13

A piece on Perigo appears in today’s newspaper, in the only section worth reading.

Described as unique, in a class of his own. "He has a lot of attitude," says Smith. "He likes to do things his way and can get quite aggressive.”

Another reason Perigo “refuses to slip into retirement just yet is because he is a cantankerous old fellow.”

“One of the keys to Perigo's longevity is tender loving care. "We never use a whip on him.””

“Like a lot of us oldies he has a few aches and pains on the cold mornings, but apart from that he is perfect.”

May his wonderful record-breaking career safely continue.

It's what many SOLOists and like-wired know..

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.. that there will always be too few who live for a future.

His heart, you see, is broken—by the success of the barbarian invasion and the utter lack of resistance thereto—and has transmitted a message to his brain accordingly.

We have a problem. It isn't yet time to strike. Is it totalitarian yet? Me - Yes. Others - No. It depends on one's degree of dumbness. When will it be time? According to Rand we gotta wait until it's totalitarian. OK, well, when the US Supreme Court rubber stamps each piece of corrupt paid-off anti-constitutional law, then yes we know we are at end-times, over.

Poor, misinformed brain should be treated better...

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...and with more respect. And fed better data.

"Utter lack of resistance?" Folk here have resisted, to include offering writings right here, on this very site -- generously provided by old Perigo himself, which is a form of resistance in its own right (and rather a damn good one, I'd say).

Hearts needn't be broken, and brains needn't be sent the wrong messages. There are spots of resistance and progress, after all: Representative Paul's bill to audit the Federal Reserve system (co-sponsored by Rep. Allen West) passed in the US House of Representatives; Yevgeny Kissin is still around, and making a pretty good account of himself; cancer research continues; amateur radio enthusiasts build their own satellites and manage to bounce signals off Venus, for Christ's sake. This site still exists, and people come to it, and contribute to it. It didn't come from nowhere: it was created by a Resister, and Resisters continue to write for it.

Nope. All is not well. Can't say that. But: "Utter lack of resistance?" As a wise woman once said, you don't resist a juggernaut by throwing yourself in front of it. There's a lot left to do, and it'll, probably more than a fortnight. But utter lack of resistance?

No. I say "No" to the juggernaut and I say "No" to the culture behind it and I say "No" to this attitude.

No...hold on...not just "No."

Hell no!

Well gentlemen ...

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This cantankerous old fellow will continue to get quite aggressive, notwithstanding his aches and pains in the morning, which, he can assure you, are considerable. His record-breaking career will continue safely, absolutely, until he ceases from mental fight—which could happen any time. His heart, you see, is broken—by the success of the barbarian invasion and the utter lack of resistance thereto—and has transmitted a message to his brain accordingly.

Very true...

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Perigo started as a four[ty]-year-old, 11[1] years ago, and is these days racing the sons and daughters of his original rivals.

Fair comment

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No we can't be sure, we'll have to hear it from the horse's mouth.

No whips at all?

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Are we sure of that?

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