Magnificent Olympics

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Mon, 2012-08-13 03:25

Tip of the hat to the people of London and Great Britain for the wonderful job they seem to have done at the 30th Olympiad. I thought the Games were well-organized and well-run. British athletes did great, and the authorities protected everyone from the jihadis and others. Marvelous opening and closing ceremonies too! Smiling

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Multi-Cult Nationalism

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A competition for individuals and not national collectives.

Yes. I agree. The Olympics has become a weird twisted display of nationalism. But the only type of nationalism that the Left will allow; with each Western nation competing to show who was the most multi-cultural and had the most non-white athletes. Fuck, we can't even do nationalism right anymore. God, I hate modern liberalism.

What women?

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Lindsay, did you actually look at these girls? They had more muscle than 90% of today's men. They looked like a bunch of square chinned, massively shouldered transvestites. There were some exceptions for the more feminine sports but as a whole, female Olympians look like men. This is just another example of the masculinizing of today's women.

It is interesting to note...

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...that there were athletes at the games who simply marched under the Olympic flag and were not representing any country.

Maybe that should be the norm?

A competition for individuals and not national collectives.

Indeed, that was the original spirirt of the ancient version of games.

Laurels were bestowed on individual achievement, not collectively upon nations.

No Savages Allowed

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The ancient Greeks never invited the barbarians. The semi-civilized Western nations today shouldn't allow the communist, Muslim, and third world tyrannical nations to participate -- other than various pro-freedom dissidents, competing under a non-dictatorial flag.

*The* problem with the Olympics ...

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... was women. They had women there. They had women's events, like Beach Volleyball, skimpily veiled soft porn for males afflicted with the perversion of heterosexuality, which glorifies bodily deformities. We need to repair to the Olympics of the Greeks. All-male and no clothing at all.

I had problems with the London Olympics

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There was a multi-cultural spin to the Olympics that I did not like. The cultural Marxists were totally in control of the whole thing and it was obvious. Also, no Muslim countries should EVER be allowed to participate. Islam and Muslims should be banned and ridiculed. Islam should be socially shamed out of existence. Allowing Muslims at Olympic events is enough to turn me off to them.


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...they don't have to be tax payer funded.

It would be possible to have the whole thing funded by corporate sponsors with their marketing budgets.

The Olympics

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I sometimes think a good idea would be to have the Games on a permanent basis in Greece, for historical reasons; also that country could use the money.

There is the cost issue to consider, which ought to bother pro-capitalists. The fact is that the Games cost a lot of taxpayers' money; no serious classical liberal can be relaxed about this, whatever pleasure we get from the spectacle, or enjoyment from the excellence on display from athletes. The billions spent on the Games are billions that could not be spent by people on things they would otherwise want to spend it on. The same applies to other, big shiny projects that stir the imagation, such as the NASA space programme, for instance.

Sorry to rain on a parade, but it would be wrong to ignore this aspect.

Why is that postcard...

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...showing America?

I think some NZers must be suffering from relevance envy.


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Ayn Rand is ... the new Aristotle.

I found you a 2012 Olympics closing ceremony postcard.

Wish You Were Here


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The musical part of the closing ceremonies would make for an outstanding 90-minute concert film!

Ratings gold for NBC

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"The Olympics finished in fine style: NBC’s closing ceremony telecast was the week’s most-watched show, drawing 31 million viewers.

The Olympics even lifted NBC to second place for the broadcast year in both total viewers and adults ages 18 to 49, as the network pulled within one-tenth of a rating point of first-place Fox in the 18-to-49 demographic.

Bottom line: The Olympics stole the show for NBC — and most of the audience."


Marcus's picture the only place in the world to have the Olympics! Everywhere else is second best!

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