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Submitted by Richard Goode on Tue, 2012-08-14 17:41

The ultra-rich, who control the majority of our planet's wealth, spend their time at cocktail parties and salons while millions of decent hard-working people starve.


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...that is exactly what social justice looks like. I guess it's not really possible to paint the wealthy as blood sucking vampires who suck the lifeblood and profits out of decent, hardworking folks by employing them and simultaneously condemn them for not sucking the lifeblood and profits out of them by employing them.

Or maybe it is? It's still working for the politicos. The boobs are still buying it, anyway. Who is paying for that nonsense? Not the politicos selling it, that is for sure. And not the wealthy. So who?

By not employing/blood sucking from them, that leaves more from the One Pie World for them to hardworking scoop up on their own, right? It should be far easier without those blood sucking vampires on their back. I mean, just raise the minimum wage, right? (Or do we need a 'you should have hired more folks' tax? I wonder how that one gets calculated...)

Decades of this formula and it isn't hard to figure out exactly what social justice looks like. I was fully aware of it in the late 70s when I took my engineering degrees from Princeton and MIT and swore never to be a blood sucker, and turns out, that neither being an employee nor employer was quite possible, thank you. Was I the only person listening to the complete nonsense of world politics who reached this conclusion? Hardly.

The uniquely virtuous hardworking should take all the time they need to figure this one out; they are bearing the full brunt of what they have swallowed from politicians selling them a complete line of left wing crap.

Remember those sad pictures of Detroit and Appalachia from fifty years ago? Has anyone noticed that they look far worse today? What exactly have the politicos done for the poor? OTOH, checkout the real estate market in Northern VA. They are not even trying to hide it from the boobs, it is in plain sight. Five minutes on Zillow, and anyone within reach of a keyboard in the world can figure this one out; Detroit, MI...Vienna,VA. Our version of The Hunger Games, with actual hunger.

In America at least, it's been fifty plus years and counting of the virtuous working men and women selling their vote cheap. (For what?) Wake the fuck up, indeed. Or not. They should take all the time they believe is necessary to figure this one out. I hope they do. In the meantime, it is mainly they who are paying for their stupidity in assuming that those who can are eager to take on the title of Blood Sucking Vampire/Employer of folks who hate their guts and can't wait to Fuck the Dog(an expression I learned as a union laborer in a steel fab plant in the 70s which means "to actively and aggressively not work while on the clock.")


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How do I get an invite?

What one can discuss here?

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What one can discuss here? They are rich after all.

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