Time for Cigarette Producers to Quit Australia

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Submitted by Marcus on Wed, 2012-08-15 09:10

Cigarette manufacturers in Australia have just lost a legal appeal to stop their products being sold in plain packaging.

Time for them to go on strike and remove their product from Australia, altogether.

I don't know if the law would apply to imported cigarettes too, but you can imagine the chaos such a move would make as criminal gangs start to replace them.

The resulting panic in Australia would make Marmageddon look like Marry Poppins coming to town.

And of course, the manufacturers would be simply doing what the Australian government wants after all. Removing its produce from the country.

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...they don't get to chose the pictures.

That might be a way to go down in flames though. A last act of rebellion before the police move in to close you down.

Too expensive though. Those scum don't deserve any freebees.

If I were a tobacco vendor in Australia...

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... I would comply precisely , but the pictures would be clearly identifiable likenesses of the parliament, legislature and PM and so on with horrible mouth cancers, clearly identifying the -real- disease running amok. Turn it into a regular PR campaign. Customers would be clamoring to obtain the complete set.

And the newspapers read:

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...is only a tiny market compared to the rest of the world.

Given the costs of producing a government approved package with disgusting images, with no room for the brand name, if I were the head of British American Tobacco I would say "you obviously don't want us here, so go fuck yourselves!"

Now watch the lefties mouths hang open. How would they deal with this notion of the cigarette companies foregoing profit on a matter of principle?

Their whole narrative of "greedy" companies expoiting people would look feeble.

How could they argue with them withholding their product, when that's what they openly declare to want anyway?

Think of all those lives saved.

Think of all those smokers on the steps of Parliament desperate for a fix.

Think of those jobs lost in the Australian Tobacco Industry.

Think of all the lost tax as the black market profiteers move in to corner the business.

Think of the police needed to clamp down on this new market.

Think of the head ache for the Australian government.

It might just give the rest of the world pause for thought.


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A fascinating prospect, if unlikely.

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