The Compromised Hostilities

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This is the beginning of THE COMPROMISED HOSTILITIES,a drama about Jay Gould.

Most of you know what iambic pentameter is. If you have comments, make them.

A list of my books of poetry:

Western Union Building, Broadway. Jay Gould, Russell Sage.

Sage: In pessimistic conscientiousness
Sell heaven I say, buy hell to boot. All Hades
Is oversold and heaven is too high
For reason. Estimating God, I’d short
His stock. The devil may be cheaply bought,
Seen as a stultified Prometheus, stifled
In darkling straits. By critical degree
The best discretion is attainable,
Discerning cheap from dear, all overtures
Assorting right. The immaterial fraud
Of supernatural physicality
With strenuous protestation is set forth,
The holiest overstatements hallowing.
They say an echoed prolongation is
In praise intoned forever, irrevocably
Resounding with angelic verities
Of God, far too invariable for bulls
And bears, as heaven’s price remains the same,
Not to opinionated undulations
Exposed. But all continuance comes in waves
And windings, wavy compasses in all
The world of transient matter thrusting on.
Gould: And are my railroads under Hades’ rule
Or in the outer firmament of faith
As over-magnified as images
Of Michelangelo?
Sage: From what I’ve seen
Ascendant billows must come down and not
In risen permanence remain.
Gould: There is
Endurance in my ships wherever seas
May throw them.
Sage: Your Wabash, lightly swayed,
Might under mutable destruction be
Gould: With hopeful firmness I may far
In ruddered tenure right direction hold.
Our land, where sanguine perseverance will
Not pall, assiduous opportunists breeds.
Such men favonian governance have found
In Garfield, who’s too sober to intrude
On procreation, never pestering
Metallic pregnancies in wombs, not for
Abortive forwardness where fetuses
Abound. So unpresumptuous Garfield proves,
In his officious modesty as meek
As Sconian Duncan, oppositely loath
Of zealous overbearance, which the press
Would have, that no Prometheus in New York
Displacement will endure and no devout
Endeavourer of fetal likelihood
In factories abortifacient mightiness
Will bear.
Sage: As mundane as Prometheus, now
Our country prospers. Vulcan never forged
So broadly. The accelerated artifice
Of steel allays the wants and costs of work.
In Pittsburgh the vaporatory furnaces
Much easier tonnage for our roads provide.

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