Who among the phalanx of fascist filth at the DNC Convention is the most odious?

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Submitted by administrator on Tue, 2012-09-04 21:34
The Filth himself, "You Didn't Build That" Obamarx (The Anti-American President)
31% (4 votes)
Mrs Filth ("Eat your vegetables!")
8% (1 vote)
Sandra (You-Pay-for-my-)Fuck
0% (0 votes)
Elisabeth Warren, Pseudo-Cherokee
0% (0 votes)
Barbara Boxer ("Call me Senator")
0% (0 votes)
Joe Biden, Plagiarist, Socialist and Half-Wit
15% (2 votes)
Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Feminazi
0% (0 votes)
One of the Hollywood Airheads (specify)
0% (0 votes)
The Pelosi creature
0% (0 votes)
The Reid maggot
0% (0 votes)
They're all so odious the differences are irrelevant
46% (6 votes)
Other (specify)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 13

Eastwood on The Filth, post-empty chair

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"President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people," Eastwood said. "Romney and Ryan would do a much better job running the country, and that's what everybody needs to know. I may have irritated a lot of the lefties, but I was aiming for people in the middle."

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politic...

I was amused to see on the newsnight coverage...

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...last night they questioned if Clinton had been tainted by former scandals such as the "Lewinsky" affair.

Next minute they interviewed a conference goer who said, "you can always be sure that Clinton speaks the truth."

Oh the irony!

Musings of a Mad Conservative

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Bizarre, The Only Adjective That Fits The Democrats' Big Party. A summary of the DumbNutsConvention.

Then we got Bill Clinton, in the spot usually reserved for the Vice Presidential Candidate. He gave a rousing speech which reminisced about his 8 years in office in a manner that would have been great, if only it were a true description of events. Lost in his speech were the small facts that his personal additions to the Community Reinvestment Act were the most damaging and put the teeth into the law that gave Barney Frank the green light to single handedly destroy our economy. He neglected to discuss how his raiding of the Strategic Petroleum Reserves helped to create a particularly bad recession which began just as George Bush took the oath of office in January of 2001. During his glowing recollection of how well the capital markets and investment performed during his 8 years on office, he forgot to mention that much of that investment was made possible by allowing his friends at Goldman Sachs and others to mostly ignore the anti-fraud laws on the books that led up to the dotcom collapse, the Enron collapse, the Worldcom collapse, the Adelphia collapse, and others. This highlights another problem with overbearing regulation, in that those regulations are so inconsistently applied, and there is nothing to suggest that the laws of our land will ever be applied consistently. The speech spanned 51 minutes, and true to Clinton form, contained some real whoppers.

Women used to throw themselves at me ....

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Linz, it is exactly the same for men.

A women who is charming and attractive, but sexually disinterested, is the greatest cock tease for a man.

Same applies to hetrosexual women with relation to you. You are a vagina tease.

Funny you should say that Linz...

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...because yesterday on the radio I heard an interview with Naomi Wolf talking about her new book Vagina.

Even though she was being interviewed by a woman on "Woman's hour" she was getting quite agressive towards the interviewer.

When the interviewer suggested she went "nuts" when a male friend of hers threw a party with Vagina and Penis shaped pasta, she said angrily after a while: No it was not that, it was the Salmon! He knew apparently from her book that there was a long history of insult against Women and their Vaginas through an association with Salmon.

You couldn't make this stuff up!

You can listen to it here.

Thanks Gregster for that link to Schiff's interviews at the DNC, loved it.

Schiff sniffs them out

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This is how really, really stupid people are:


Peter Schiff posing as an anti-capitalist at the Dumbcrat convention.


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I didn't click on those links since if I wanted to pursue that sort of thing I have some tinned salmon in the pantry.

Decades ago women used to throw themselves at me for reasons best known to themselves. I used to have to fend them off with "Vagina off my hands!"

"A gathering of the unsuccessful"

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Back in 1924 from John Davis.

MO sure was a bad actress. She'd be good on Oprah. Did Oprah coach her on mawkishness? (Better than BO on the teleprompter though.)

"Michelle Obama came to speak. Despite the fact she tells Americans to eat their vegetables, she and her husband regularly feast on steak that costs $100 a pound.

Michelle Obama is touted as a success only in a gathering of the unsuccessful. After a mere four years, she had her law license suspended by Illinois. The reasons for this have never been explored.

Her career since then has been one of political cronyism."

I would say Obummer...

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...he is that arcitect who made this all possible, therefore Michelle and Biden are contigent on his existence.

I haven't seen anything of the conference, but I must say, I am quite delighted that the Conservative Conference was reported positively in the UK media.

Are we taking this seriously?

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Sounds like an urban myth.


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... in front of stained glass? ... beyond belief. I kinda hope they do it.


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Being curious, I tuned in to catch the end of Mrs Obie... the disconnect from/avoidance of reality is astonishing. She's living in a bubble - like that entire admin. Like a Marie Antoinette.

The only way to make sense of anything she said was to assume it meant the opposite. eg, "We so cares about..." really means "we don't give a shit."

If Romney can't take this guy down, and down good, he don't deserve the job.

Lapping it up, indeed...

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The comments I've seen regarding it just make me wonder...the one that takes the cake: "You're lucky to be in her presence."

And this is just the first night...we ain't see nothin', yet:

The DNC Will Showcase Obama As Their “Messiah” On Stained Glass Platform

"Street vendors across downtown Charlotte are selling posters and artwork depicting President Obama as Jesus Christ and the Democratic National Convention is expected to feature a stained-glass window backdrop during their meeting."

"Fox News also obtained a photograph of a DNC stage design. It resembled a giant stained glass window. It’s unclear what the imagery will be used for."

If true, this...well, I don't even know what to say about this:

I voted "all" ...

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... but having just watched Mrs Filth, I'm tempted to change my vote. What a foul, fetid bitch. Everything about her is phony except her communism, which she is, however, cloaking in free marketry and patriotism. Beyond evil. And the airheads are lapping it up.

Thank you for that, Linz

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I had to look up the 'DNC Convention', and now I need a shower.

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