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Cannabis Law Reform

NZ Police: Brutalising the Sick

On Wednesday, 57-year-old Levin man Billy McKee was found guilty in the Palmerston North District Court on four charges of selling cannabis and one of cultivation.

Libertarianz Spokesman on Drugs, Dr. Richard Goode, described it as a day of shame for the New Zealand police and their political masters in the Beehive.

"The job of the police is to prosecute criminals, not to persecute amputees. McKee lost a leg below the knee when a drunk driver deliberately rammed his motorbike decades ago. Since then, he has suffered constant pain from nerve damage to the stump. Now he uses medicinal cannabis - it's the only thing that works."

Goode quotes McKee: "If I could get medication from my doctor that worked for me then I'd just use it ... but the medication I get from the doctor makes me really, really sick."

"McKee might never have come to the attention of the police," Goode surmises, "but he runs GreenCross, a support group for medicinal cannabis users, and actively campaigns to make cannabis legally available for medicinal purposes."

McKee was targeted by the police in an undercover sting operation. A constable contacted McKee seeking help for a fake ailment. "This low-life pretended to suffer from painful migraines," says Goode. McKee at first sold the policeman hemp oil, a legal product, and suggested he see a doctor. But he was persuaded to sell the constable cannabis. "McKee did what any decent human being would do, and tried to help ease the man's suffering," says Goode. "For this simple act of compassion, he could now receive a lengthy jail sentence."

"When McKee is sentenced next month, the sentencing judge must be made aware that a prison sentence would manifestly violate one of McKee's basic civil rights. New Zealand's Bill of Rights Act 1990 enshrines the right not to be subjected to torture or cruel treatment," says Goode. "Everyone has the right not to be subjected to torture or to cruel, degrading, or disproportionately severe treatment or punishment." Goode continues, "And let's be perfectly clear, torture is exactly what a jail sentence would amount to. Deprived of access to the only medicine that eases his suffering, McKee would spend his entire time in constant pain."

"What has this country come to," laments Goode, "when the police think that the best use of their time is to engage in treachery and deceit in order to entrap and torment traumatised road accident victims? A better use of their time would be to get drunk drivers off the road - like the drunk driver to whom McKee lost his leg in the first place. Instead, they take sadistic pleasure in brutalising the sick."

"As for their political masters in the Beehive - those who voted to defeat Metiria Turei's Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Bill in 2009 must now hang their heads in shame."

Goode concludes, "The War on Drugs™ is a war on the medically sick, waged by the morally sick. It must end."

For more information contact:

Dr. Richard Goode
Libertarianz Drugs Spokesman
Phone: 021 340 057
Email: richard.goode@libertarianz.org.nz

Libertarianz - More Freedom, Less Government



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Thanks Linz. Smiling

Crossed fingers will always be more reliable than crossed eyes, anyway!

Thanks go to you too (as well as Richard) for something important you said to me about drugs and libertarian principles which also clinched my acceptance to take on his case which, Billy said, no other lawyer would do.

If we don't get the right outcome, we have already agreed we will appeal it and take it to the Supreme Court. In fact, I rather get the impression that Billy is almost hoping for this. Eye

Brava, Rosie!

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I didn't realise this was the case you'd been working on. Very well done. Fingers crossed for the right outcome. (Crossed fingers not very reliable, but more so than goblins! Eye )

Update on Billy McKee - Court of Appeal

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Last week I represented Billy McKee at the Court of Appeal in Wellington. We were appealing the Judgment and Sentence of his four charges of selling cannabis and one charge of cultivation, for which he was found guilty on all counts, in the Palmerston North District Court last year .

It is a reserved decision which means that we have yet to learn the results of the appeal.

A Summary of the issues raised in the appeal case, and my perception of the three Judges' reactions to them, is posted here.

My thanks are to Richard Goode for introducing me to Billy McKee and the important issues raised in, and from, this case for New Zealand.

Patient killers!

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State sanctioned murder! My condolences to Reiko Yanai, now a widow of the insane global 'war on drugs', and her children. Today the United Police States honors those who have fought in defense of the country which once stood for individual liberty. Today I celebrate those heroes who have fought for that sacred idea, and include in my celebration those brave champions of individual liberty who have laid down (and lost) their lives for freedom. Today I celebrate Stephen McIntyre as a fallen soldier.

The insanity from here in Southern Cali 11-13 years ago (years after California voters passed the "Compassionate Use" act allowing for medical cannabis use), has clearly spread to the shores of New Zealand:



It sounds like blackmail

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237 Blackmail

(1) Every one commits blackmail who threatens, expressly or by implication, to make any accusation against any person (whether living or dead), to disclose something about any person (whether living or dead), or to cause serious damage to property or endanger the safety of any person with intent—

(a) to cause the person to whom the threat is made to act in accordance with the will of the person making the threat; and


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Gentle activist found dead

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Gentle activist found dead

Medicinal marijuana advocate's sudden death follows police visit.

Stephen McIntyre with his wife Reiko Yanai. Photo / Supplied

The wife of a medicinal marijuana advocate who died suddenly while awaiting trial for drug charges claims police "harassment" of her husband put him under unbearable strain.

Stephen McIntyre was charged with supplying cannabis after police raided the Auckland offices of GreenCross, a group which dispenses low-grade marijuana to patients with prescriptions for legal synthetic versions of the drug.

His wife Reiko Yanai said McIntyre was initially upbeat about fighting the charges. But his mood changed after police officers turned up at the family home to check on bail conditions on July 16, eight days before his death.

Yanai claimed McIntyre, who was teaching guitar lessons at the time of the police visit, was threatened by the officers.

Yanai said the officers told her husband they could smell cannabis, asked him how he was going to plead and told him he could face further charges.

"Stephen was very upset by this experience," she said. "Stephen was a law-abiding, gentle man who was not used to aggressive police behaviour. He felt his security and privacy was unjustifiably violated. He felt scared and intimidated."

Father-of-two McIntyre, 47, was found dead at his home in Avondale, Auckland, on July 24. His death has been referred to the coroner.

Yanai said she planned to write to Police Commissioner Peter Marshall to complain about the force's actions.

Relieving Western Area Commander Detective Inspector Karyn Malthus said officers went to McIntyre's home to check he was living there, as his bail conditions stated.

Malthus said police could smell cannabis smoke within the address when the door was answered and chose to speak to him outside the address to "avoid causing him embarrassment".

Police chose not to pursue any charges over the cannabis smell, she said.

"Police inquired as to who Mr McIntyre's lawyer was so that any communication that might be required should go to the correct counsel. This is a normal police activity."

Blogger Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury will today publish a letter on his Tumeke blog written by McIntyre immediately after the police visit on July 16.

"In retrospect, his friends now all see that the police turning up at his home at night and demanding to know what he was going to plead while threatening further charges had a terrible impact on Stephen," Bradbury said.

Drug Foundation chief executive Ross Bell said McIntyre was a "lovely guy" who had a "heart for helping people in need".

"He wasn't your typical cannabis law reformer, he was very pragmatic and a great advocate.

"I think Stephen had a real sense of what needed to be achieved because the people who are suffering and in pain do need to have advocates."

In its 2010 report into drug law, the Law Commission recommended a policy of non-prosecution against medicinal marijuana suppliers.

However, several GreenCross members have been charged with cannabis dealing in recent months. Last month a prominent member of GreenCross, Billy McKee, was sentenced to 12 months' home detention for supplying an undercover police officer.

Bell added: "It's at the whim of local police. I have seen lots of cases where the police have been willing to prosecute and some of those are very stark cases where a little bit of compassion would have gone a long way."

Good to talk to you again, Ross

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I am serious about eventually coming to New Zealand, and I agree there is far less history of respect for individual rights in New Zealand. I also agree that there are 'per capita' more freedom loving individuals (and institutions) in the United Police States who at least have some recollection of the importance of individual liberty. What's more, I definitely understand why you consider New Zealand a lost cause based on the things you described.

My desire to carry the fight for liberty to your shores, among many other reasons, is the scale of New Zealand versus the United States. One pissed off fifty-something (the age I would be before I could relocate completely) can do more damage to all the offenses of liberty on a national scale when the nation is roughly the population of the *county* I live in here in the People's Republic of California (which btw, California had the chance to 'legalize it' and shot it down this year).


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Is it true that you once wrote, and had published, a pro-freedom letter to the Timaru Herald?


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On my own life 8.5?

On the things I have done to spread liberty? Possibly 3-4?

Far be it from me to rate your worth as a freedom fighter, my friend. Judge not, that ye be not judged.

As for me ... on the things I've done to spread liberty? Possibly 8.5.

On my own life? 3-4.


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..."which essentially allows law enforcement agencies to 'nationalize' every asset remotely linked to 'drug criminals' thereby opening another vast avenue of corruption. "

At least 14 states in America have medical marijuana laws. Many ballots call for complete legality of marijuana possession.

In NZ we have complete criminality of marijuana usage. The very idea of anything approaching the liberal attitudes in America is simply not on the NZ agenda.

I ask you, what is more pro-freedom about NZ that you do not already have in the US? I'll admit, the current America is not the America that we would all want. But to suggest that a move to NZ is a better option is sorely misbegotten.


Ross Elliot's picture

...are you serious?

"Kiwis, you can still do something about this atrocity; I'm afraid I've long ago given up on the United Police States and am merely biding my time until I can get my family out of here and down to New Zealand where a KASS individual can still make a difference."

NZ is no place to fight state intrusion. We have no history of individual rights. No written constitution.

All films and video games are censored *before* they are released. We have new laws that deprive the accused of the right to remain silent. We have no concept of competitive federalism which allows states to offer alternative solutions. We have fully nationlised healthcare and fully nationalised education. We have nothing approaching the cut and thrust of American media. We have kowtowing payoffs to indigenous people that dwarf anything in America.

Stay where you are.


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On a 0-10 richard? On my own life 8.5?

On the things I have done to spread liberty? Possibly 3-4?

I do what I can with spare time of which I have very very little at the moment as I am working 12-15 hours a day/ 7 days/week until christmas holidays.

For now I am being a productive individual, making a fair living and am currently working with management on ways to increase productivity with the man power we currently have.

I am happy to say that they have taken my recommendations and are going to be implementing them.  


(I smell a Baade set up lol!!)

F Asset Forfeiture

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Another deplorable practice the NZ police have lifted from American Police Statism: asset forfeiture. Asset forfeiture has been employed by U(P)S Law Enforcement for well over two decades ( many SOLO-ists revere Ronald Reagan understandably, as the picture in the margin serves as a reminder, but this would not be one of the good things which arguably came out of Reagan's era), which essentially allows law enforcement agencies to 'nationalize' every asset remotely linked to 'drug criminals' thereby opening another vast avenue of corruption. Good on the judge for not indulging the blatant opportunism the NZPD were seeking, and at least in this case preventing the NZPD from going the way of the notoriously corrupt LAPD or the blatant crime masters (where the police *are* the organized crime) of the New Orleans PD.

Kiwis, you can still do something about this atrocity; I'm afraid I've long ago given up on the United Police States and am merely biding my time until I can get my family out of here and down to New Zealand where a KASS individual can still make a difference.


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People need to stop being apathetic on government thugocracy, stand up and demand their rights!

On a scale of 0 (UIN) to 10 (KASS) how do you rate?


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All of this just a few months after Stephen Mcintyre's suicide, now they are torturing a cripple.  

People need to stop being apathetic on government thugocracy, stand up and demand their rights!


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The day before the sentencing, the police asked to postpone Billy's sentencing for a month to give them time to apply to seize his house as "proceeds of crime". Sad

The judge refused to grant the police the extension to file the application. Smiling

Police Statism as popular as ever

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I've been out of the loop for a long time (again), but it's clear western civilization is embracing its demise with greater ferocity than a North Atlantic hurricane. I can see I haven't missed much. "Tolerant" New Zealand is now taking it's cue from the worst of American domestic policy. A pot-smoking amputee poses such an extreme threat to society after all, right up there with the terrorists. Shameful.


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That is absolutely draconian, what a horrible miscarriage of "Just-us"!

I hope there is a huge public outrage over this.

Amputee gets Home D

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(Leaves leg with ankle bracelet at home when he wants to go out.)

Medicinal marijuana proponent caught in sting

A prominent proponent of medicinal marijuana has been sentenced to 12 months' home detention after being caught in an undercover police sting.

William Duffield McKee, 58, of Levin, was found guilty at a jury trial of four charges of selling cannabis and one of cultivation, and was today sentenced in the Palmerston North District Court.

McKee hosted the GreenCross website, which promoted the use of cannabis to prevent medical ailments.

He was targeted in Operation Relief between February 2010 and May last year - four times selling small amounts of cannabis and related material to an undercover police officer.

When police searched his house on July 8 last year they found 66 cannabis plants in various stages of growth.

Judge Barbara Morris today gave McKee credit for saying he would no longer push for political change about medicinal cannabis by selling the drug.

"You now accept that the change you seek must be done within the law and by way of submission," she told him.

"You were not driven by commercial gain and to create a luxurious lifestyle."

McKee's right leg was amputated five years after he was the victim of a hit and run shortly before his 21st birthday.

A number of supporters watched from the court's public gallery, and many held placards and handed out pamphlets outside the court.

Operation Relief?! (I thought I had a sick sense of humour, but I can't top that!)

The “The War on Drugs™ is a war on the medically sick, waged by the morally sick. It must end.


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