SOLO-NZ Op-Ed (Greg Davis): A Crow Anthropology

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SOLO-NZ Op-Ed: A Crow Anthropology

Greg Davis
September 7, 2012

The crow is among the world’s most intelligent animals.

Crows have learned how to eat the toxic cane toad by flipping it on its back and violently stabbing the throat where the skin is thinner. Crows drop tough nuts into a trafficked street and wait for cars to crush them open. Crows can imitate the human voice, just like parrots.

Though humans cannot generally tell individual crows apart, crows have been shown to have the ability to visually recognize individual humans, and to transmit information about "bad" humans by squawking.

A surprisingly high number of species have become extinct after human colonization, especially of island groups such as New Zealand.

In the process of hunting to extinction and consuming New Zealand crow, the native Maori has also acquired a keen sense of mimicry and the ability to use the tools of the opponent against him.

Despite recurrent stereotypes, the Aotearoa native ranks highly in intelligence and this is best demonstrated via his Treaty Claims vehicle, which carouses through Kiwiland, with no end in sight for its party.

An insatiable animal, the Treaty train this week insists that a pan-tribal body be established to extort money from commercial wind-generated electricity. In the absence of any natural competitors, it will likely have its way.

Most voices of the Fourth Estate are dejected over this latest ploy. Headless chickens. Many do not know whether it is real, satire, or a joke. They have become so inured to absurdities that the idea seems preposterous. The Maori this week made mincemeat of most media commentators. Commentators could not see that Maori were merely mimicking.

Seekers of liberty should reconsider whether steady progress towards a banana republic can be slowed any time soon.

I say this after assessing some shallow commentaries following this news that Maori tribes would be lodging claims on the wind.

Maori have advanced from the days of inter-tribal conquest but haven’t forgotten their “might is right.”

The modern Maori claimant, in principle, can rarely be criticized for his methods, because the critic has himself to blame.

The Maori is only copying the example set by the bigger gang in town – the government – and is cunningly using the government's own instruments against it, knowing that the citizenry is blind, and the principles involved are incomprehensible to it.

It could be successfully argued that Maori have shown ingenuity surpassing that of the paler complacent Kiwi. Maori have tackled the tricks for survival and shown an adaptive aptitude for modern stand-over tactics far advanced from their own crude cultural tradition.

On radio, Larry Williams squawked “Is this serious?” Fellow hunter-blogger Cameron Slater, known as Whale Oil surfaced with “David Rankin is deadly seriously…in a batshit crazy kind of way.”

None of the commentators were up to the task of understanding the methods of the natives. Like crows, their conceptual abilities are limited.

These Maori are not batshit crazy.

These Maori are acting in strict accordance with the governing principles of our mixed economy.

The government has set a high standard for extortion. As Reagan noted, “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it.”

The Maori tribes use the weaknesses inherent in a system in which private property rights are not recognized. The system’s corrosion began with its intellectuals, who continue to lubricate the wheels of the Treaty gravy train, hastening their own and others’ demise.

Isabel Paterson, in The God of the Machine wrote “With state ownership nothing can be done except by command or permission.” “Private individual property is not only the most favorable condition for a high production economy. It is the only transmission line by which production is possible at all.”

By being involved in electricity generation, and by not leaving economic production to private enterprise, the government maintains a coercive monopoly which acts against competition. It sets its own rules.

By trampling upon property rights, extorting money from every body and every thing that moves, the government can have no moral objection to the clever, equally evil, Maori gravy train.

Most private citizens are complicit with this theft and are equally culpable.

Prior to an advance to full property rights respecting harmony, it ought not be perplexing that the fellow tribalists will continue to bite the hands that feed. Who, besides Objectivists, could blame them?

Greg Davis:

SOLO (Sense of Life Objectivists):


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...happened to Key.

He's management. That's all.

What happened to Key...

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...saying these rulings were not legally binding and the Maori Party threatening to walk out on the government?

I remember when a succession of governments promised things like all treaty claims would be finished in the year 2000. Then they gave the tribes a huge payout and said that was the end.

I thought at the time. Only until the money runs out and then they will be back for more. They know the white men have small dicks and even shorter memories. Just give it a few years and another change of government.

Anyhow there is a huge Maori lobby made up of lawyers that is not going to be shut down overnight and walk away. The first blood of appeasement when land was handed back for the first time was just the first taste and they wanted more.

Australians and Americans are clever enough to know this. Sure the natives call them racists from time to time, but the governments know that if they give them an inch they will take a mile. They just leave it at an incredibly slow drip drip. Everyone's happy as a result.

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