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Submitted by Sam Pierson on Fri, 2012-09-28 05:01

Lindsay Perigo's 'The Total Passion for the Total Height' is now available on Amazon for Kindle.

Just as Perigo can light up the switchboard on talkshow radio, this work will light up the mind of its reader because, as Wimbledon finalist and friend Chris Lewis says in the Foreword, "he's going to make you think."

Those who value thinking and an independent spirit will find a unique source of personal fuel as they follow Perigo's evaluations of the philosophical landscape, his no-holds-barred aesthetic and cultural commentaries, and his accounts of his heroes.

Those comfortable with the status quo, with consensus-building, with further political extension into private life, will find a worthy opponent and may risk conversion.

Subtitled 'Life, Liberty ... and the Pursuit of Their Enemies' it is salvo after passionate salvo for the advance of liberty and reason. Boldly militant and genuinely caring, like a Mencken or modern-day Voltaire, Perigo challenges the status quo with wit, intelligence and urgency. He clears away cant. He speaks from mind and heart. He wants to change the world.

You can get it here.

(NB: Kindle book reader software is available free for Mac, iPad or PC. A quick google search will take you there. eg; search for 'Amazon Kindle for PC')

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Preliminary observations from Nicholas Dykes

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Nicholas, author of Old Nick's Guide to Happiness, is making his way through Total Passion with a view to doing an Amazon review. Two comments thus far, reproduced with his permission:

The NIOF article had me in stitches while the fan mail piece almost made me weep. If a writer can make his readers laugh and cry in Chapter 1 he's got to be doing something right! Loved the Age of Crap too.


Now about 1/4 of the way through. Obviously, I do disagree with some parts but it's generally so entertaining that doesn't matter. Adored your tongue lashing of the Islamogoblins. Wondered how you've managed to survive, really.

Even the Best Shopping List

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Even the best shopping list ... can omit the most essential item ... called ... TOILET PAPER! Shocked

Luke's flow charts ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Ask him about the SOLOC 4 shopping episode! Evil


Jules Troy's picture

Deja vu Kyle!

Hahaha yes Luke I had a good belly laugh when I read about your flow charts!!


Kyle Jacob Biodrowski's picture

Jules, you seem familiar. It's almost like we've met before. Eye

Sounds like you're enjoying the book. Guess I'll have to download it soon. Smiling


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Welcome aboard!

I downloaded the kindle app and am reading it from my i-Phone.

I spend more time at work than at home, so read it when I have coffee/lunch breaks.

Ahh, that's too bad. Hell, I

Kyle Jacob Biodrowski's picture

Ahh, that's too bad.

Hell, I might just pick up a Kindle copy. I don't want to miss out on any gems.


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Welcome aboard. Not sure about a hard copy. We got rather weary of publishers purporting to welcome its controversial content and generally praising it to the skies but then declining to publish the thing. That's why we went with Kindle.

Any chance a hard copy will

Kyle Jacob Biodrowski's picture

Any chance a hard copy will be produced in the near future? I don't enjoy reading text on a computer screen (well not for an extended period of time) and I like to hold the book I'm reading. I'd I also like to take the book with me when I travel.

Thanks ... and a suggestion

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Folks, you can do your bit for the book not just by purchasing it, but by hitting "like" and posting a review and rating on Amazon.

Well worth it!

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It is absolutely full of gems, I recommend it highly!!!

'The Total Passion for the Total Height'

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Great title! Hope it sells like hotcakes! Smiling


Jules Troy's picture

I just got my copy too!

Just downloaded my copy:

Mark Hubbard's picture

Just downloaded my copy: looking forward to reading Linz. Not at night in bed, though, I have to remain calm to sleep.


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Yes, if Linz could publish an audio book on Audible for download, that would be awesome.

Great stuff Linz...

Marcus's picture

...but please give us an audiobook version too.

If not for anything but to teach the world the value of good pronunciation and diction.

Indeed some of the pieces you have already recorded for radio.

Oh, see...

Ross Elliot's picture you just getting churlish, Olivia.

Lindsay can publish whatever the hell he wants. My suggestion was that he publish an original work, not just blog posts and speeches.

He's more than capable. And, as a personal aside, I think he has a true desire to do so. I, for one, would welcome it. And I'm sure many others would as well.


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Work Sam. This book has been a long time coming. Thank Galt for the internet and a bit of do-it-yourself ingenuity. Linz I hope you've opened a good Shiraz to celebrate this release! I look forward to delving in! Smiling


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Nice of you to let another individual choose his own goals and act to keep them.


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"What about the product and the fact that it is accessible now to worldwide readership?"

...unless I'm mistaken, this material is widely available via the internet. That's a worldwide readership already.

I applauded the effort to compose it into one download.

When I speak of a book by Lindsay, I speak of an original publication, not a compendium, along the lines of which he started here, as I mentioned, about the progress of philosophical thought culminating in Objectivism.

If that's not his goal, then fine.


Olivia's picture

...I applaud the effort.

But a better thing would be an original publication by Lindsay describing Objectivist thought within the modern world.

The effort? What about the product and the fact that it is accessible now to worldwide readership? And the book does describe Objectivist thought within the modern world, often. Hellooooooo it's written by Lindsay! What's wrong with you? "The circus not good enough for yer?? Ye have to run off to join the coal mines??"

Great stuff!!

Olivia's picture

A monumental achievement! From the actual book, to the beautiful and fitting cover art - and of course, getting it all formatted for publication. Well done Linz and Sam. I'm so proud of you both!! Smiling

I think it is just amazing that this can go straight to the whole world market via the internet. What a wonder of technology is that?!

Stuff cowardly, safe, boring old NZ traditional publishing.


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Not a moment too soon. I'm already a quarter of the way through and loving it. Thank you Linz!

What a Privilege!

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My name in lights!

"If I have opened the floodgates to subjectivism, intrinsicism, altruism, collectivism, hedonism, whim-worship, rationalism and empiricism, not to mention Saddamy, pomo-wankerism, vegetarianism and Luke Setzer's flow-charts, then I'm more than willing to stand corrected."

Perigo, Lindsay (2012-09-25). Total Passion for the Total Height (Kindle Locations 1746-1749). Kindle Edition.

Will Deborah Coddington's biography of Linz, Perigo: Politically Incorrect, ever be released in Kindle format?


Ross Elliot's picture

...I applaud the effort.

But a better thing would be an original publication by Lindsay describing Objectivist thought within the modern world.

He had the basis for that in short, curtailed, series of posts a few years ago in this very forum. He never went on with it. It could have been a very nice primer expanding into something truly edifying.

Great news

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I've read through to Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life! Excellent, and brings back memories of the old days of that surprising punching above its weight beacon of clarity The Free Radical.

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