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Part of life is the pain, sweat, drudgery, mechanics, and systematic carefulness of postponing damage and death. Most of life is work and creation -- accomplishing something and making your mark on the world. But...a vast amount of life is all about great:

1. books of fact and opinion
2. novels and short stories -- and occasional poems
3. movies and t'v' shows -- especially dramas and comedies
4. lectures such as at colleges and conferences
5. music -- listening and playing/singing and dancing to
6. sports -- playing and watching and discussing
7. conversations and jokes with friends -- and playing around
8. recreational drugs
9. flirting and seducing and sex and pillow-talk
10. meditation and contemplation and reminiscing -- counting your blessings, and remembering the good times, and reveling in your achievements

All the above can be called luxury; or pleasure; or enjoying yourself, and celebrating your brief, but glorious, existence.

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