KASS Music Gem—Novelty Item: Mario Pavarotti and Luciano Lanza!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2012-10-28 07:39

I'm sure both divos would heartily approve!

I enjoyed that

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Good to see some inventiveness on Youtube.


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I thought that was an amazing contrast! I have played them both before one after another but it is not the same!

This one is great!(my mom is a Mario Lanza fan, I grew up listening to her play both).  

Funny as kids she would always give us hell for turning up our stereos(listening to rock).

I would lament and point out to her "but mom the volume is set to were youuuu left it!".  Her reply would always be " Yes, but THAT is not music!!"

Shhh don't tell her she was right I won't ever hear the end of it!!

Well Jules ...

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... you know how to win *my* heart! Eye

But really, isn't it great to see them together? I love the fact that technology enables us to do this—have Pavarotti sing with the man who inspired him.

In my humble opinion

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Lanza sings with more passion and has the more powerful voice.

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