Of the filth, by the filth, for The Filth

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2012-11-01 22:17

Michael Moore, filth, under the auspices of moveon.org, filth, has produced this campaign ad for The Filth. It is, unsurprisingly, filthy:

"The Dumb Vote"

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You might like this piece. He talks about the Moore granny ad and "The Dumb Vote" (aka Airhead America).


"Election Stealing"

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As if the left's bribe-with-your-own-money and utter domination of all relevant information media isn't a 'stolen election' before it even starts...! Micheal Moore is as much a boot-licking statist as any is on the right he has ever criticized. This is the same idiot who attacks 'capitalism' when at best what he identifies as evil (and rightfully so) is mercantilism.


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It is true! America is run by a big Oba-inmate

This piece is an

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This piece is a representation of the idea that inmates run an asylum.


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Oh come on the "cockpunch" comment made me laugh, however yes it was horrible.  

Btw no one listens to old people or we would not be IN this mess.


Mitt looks like he is in good shape!

O Galt I apologize I shouldn't have linked that!(ok i'm Not sorry come on Richard how many huh huh huh?)

Filth? No, just senility

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Filth? No, just senility. Michael Moore did bad service to Obama.


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for Zombies.

That's how it is.

And it's a joke to see goblinist Rosie having a problem with this.

She too is a zombie.

Just reflects...

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...the intelligence of your average Obama voter.

I don't think this would convince anyone to vote Obama, it would just give his supporters a chuckle at their own anti-life humour.

How disgusting

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I couldn't continue watching it after the first two women's disgustingly ignorant, violent comments.

And how staged: a white old woman, a black old woman, a white man just about to speak when I turned it off. I can only guess that the next speakers would have been a black man, a homosexual male and female, a Muslim, a paraplegic and a deaf person speaking in sign language with subtitles - all foul mouthed.

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