Home-schooling in New Zealand

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Submitted by Victor_V on Fri, 2012-11-02 21:12

Living in Sweden where home-schooling has been made illegal, it is no longer a place where I would like to raise a family - the thought of the government claiming ultimate ownership over the children's time and minds is more than I can stomach.
So I have decided to widen my horizons and after some research my sights have become trained at NZ. I understand it has its own corrupt political system, just like anywhere else, and that people carry the same collectivist propaganda as in Europe and the US, but I'm used to all that. Still NZ seems to have a lot of things going for it; relatively few Marxists and fascists, relatively free from US puppet imperialism, not as subject to western outbursts of mass hysteria, no language barrier to libertarian philosophy, fair property rights, some natural resources and a strong pastoral production and export etc.

To the question then... How legal is home-schooling in NZ, how many hoops must one jump through to get it all cleared? How well established is the home-schooling community over there and how much can you keep from dealing with the government provided that you pay them off with taxes?

Your time and insights are greatly appreciated. Smiling

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Hehe, well just need to get

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Hehe, well just need to get the gun ownership up to the same level then and we're in good shape. Cool

Thank you for the great

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Thank you for the great resources Barbara! Next issue will be to get citizenship or domicile - are you by any chance single and looking for a stable relationship lasting for at least a couple of months...anyone else perhaps, I'll buy you a Beer Eye


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No one has guns! 40%ish of NZ smoke(d) pot.

Ok, sounds endurable enough.

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Ok, sounds endurable enough. I'm looking to settle in Hawke's bay, should be some home-schoolers in the twin cities as well.
In general, how is libertarianism fairing in New Zealand, is the movement growing as rapidly as in the US? Do people even recognise the meaning of the word libertarian as anything other than gun toting bearded mad men and potheads?

Here are a couple of links to

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Here are a couple of links to get you started home schooling:

The law

Getting started



This link is motivational:

In NZ you have to get

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In NZ you have to get permission to teach your own children. The law states that children have to be taught "as well" and "as regularly" as a state school. To prove this you have to write a letter and explain what sort of lessons you will do and indicate your intended schedule. You don't have to have any qualifications. I imagine they would only turn you down if they thought you weren't genuine or if you didn't submit to their "authority" (I've heard that if you start home-schooling before applying your application will be denied). They will pressure you to comply with the crappy NZ curriculum but there is no requirement for this. You have to apply for each child individually. You only have to apply once for their entire schooling but if they attend a school at any time you have to reapply.

The government used to send people over to watch lessons (never to me) but I've heard they don't do that anymore.

I'm in Rotorua - here there were a few home schoolers that I used to get together with (30 to 50 children) for sports and sometimes music. Nice people.

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