John Aglialoro and David Kelley on the Election

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Producer John Aglialoro and Atlas Society founder David Kelley discuss the election ...

Aglialoro: It's no surprise that, after 55 years since Atlas Shrugged was published, Ayn Rand is still being attacked with total disdain by the socialist left.

Kelley: John, we knew up front that the movie reviewers, who overwhelmingly subscribe to the socialist left ideology, would trash Atlas Shrugged Part 2, despite the obvious improvements in cinematic quality. They hate the message, and that takes precedence over the artistry in their eyes. You wanted the film to come out before the election because you felt it has an important bearing on the political choice the public faces. Do you think that the critics felt the same connection? That they want to see Obama re-elected?

Aglialoro: Yes. The question I have is: Why does the public continue to embrace the political class, who provide nothing but unemployment checks, over the entrepreneurial class, who provide the opportunity for prosperity? That's not what America is about. Ultimately, this election is a referendum on capitalism.

Kelley: You remind me of something Ayn Rand said in 1972, about the McGovern-Nixon election. Watching the Democratic convention that year, she noted that the older politicians still believed in capitalism, even though they wanted to hang regulations and welfare programs around its neck, but that McGovern was deeply anti-capitalist. He wanted to redistribute income on a massive scale, with his proposal for a guaranteed income regardless of work. It looks as if we have the same issue in 2012. ...


The Democrats

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If you feel so strongly about that, why don't you go to the nearest police station and open file against Democratic party? America is still a lawful society, isn't it?

The Democratic Party proved its thug nature with the passing of ObamaCare. It broke every rule in the book to get that passed. Look at what it is doing in Benghazi. Yes, America is still a lawful society but the laws are so manifestly unjust that soon enforcement of all the laws will mean dictatorship. What form that will take is open to debate.

The Left is starting to drop the pretense at being "Democratic". Their totalitarian essence is starting to show.

"Democratic Party is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION."

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"Democratic Party is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION."

If you feel so strongly about that, why don't you go to the nearest police station and open file against Democratic party? America is still a lawful society, isn't it?

Weak statements

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Obama cannot bring himself to say that he is a capitalist, and it would be a lie if he did. And that means he has abandoned the vision of the Founding Fathers.

This statement tells me all I need to know. It reveals yet another Objectivist who does not understand what he is dealing with; that the Left is a murderous, totalitarian movement and that the Democratic Party is a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION. To treat them as anything less is ignorance on a massive scale. I swear, most Objectivists I read sound naive, unworldly and just plain uninformed.

There is no fire and no power in anything I read from these two. Imagine if I were to give an interview about 'Atlas Shrugged' and what it meant (and yes I would not mention the racialist stuff). You could rest assured that every Left-liberal reporter would feel threatened by what I said. I would water down nothing and I would make it explicit that the Left's entire philosophy was evil and that the Conservatives shared pretty much every essential premise. I would name the LEFT as the enemy of civilization and their jaws would drop. That's what we need; a goddamned warrior.


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I copied this from sodahead


history Communist leaders have seized power by promoting themselves as 
populists, and often completely hiding their own ideology. Indeed in a 
poll taken after Communist Hugo Chavez' first election victory in 
Venezuela, only 3% of the electors believed Chavez to be a Socialist, 
let alone a Communist. Currently 32% of Americans believe Obama to be a 


The initial stages of Communization of a country invariably begin with seven basic steps:


Seizing Control Over The Free Flow Of The Nation's Money


Obama has stated that he wants to convert the stock the US government 
now owns in the nation's banks from preferred stock, which is the case 
currently, to common stock. This modification in type of stock may seem 
irrelevant at first glance, but under further analysis it is the single 
greatest communist policy the US government has ever adopted: It means 
that the federal government will control all of the currently publicly 
traded major banks and financial institutions in the nation which are 
currently in the hands of individual shareholders. Not only will the 
current shareholders' rights be trampled, but the control of the 
nation's flow of money is the first keystone of communism.


Stripping Capitalists Of Their Assets


According to US bankruptcy code, secured creditors such as the ones 
who have outstanding debt against Chrysler and GM, have to be paid 
before unsecured creditors. That is the law. Obama has ignored this law, 
and seized the vast majority (89% in GM's case) of all "asset value" of 
the automakers and taken direct control or given it away for free to 
the unions. Karl Marx's theses were all based on the workers owning the 
means of production, and thus communism takes hold in America.


Changing The Structures Of Government To Suit


Obama has given the GOP until October to approve his health care plan 
which many experts have shown, would be as socialized as Cuba's. If the 
Republican Party does not meet his demands, the Democratic Party will 
simply change the very rules of the United States Senate to pass their 
legislation through simple majority, instead of the 60% which has been 
required by the Senate through history. Changing legislation to suit the 
leader is another common tactic of communist leaders from Chavez to 


Taking Advantage Of A Crisis To Impose Communism


Obama's Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel published a book entitled The 
Plan which would require (yes, require) young Americans regardless of 
their political stripe to serve in a direct copy of Hugo Chavez' 
red-beret local militias. The Plan also promotes massive taxpayer funded 
programs as universally free university tuition and health care as well 
as a tax reform to ensure that the middle and upper classes are crushed 
by the enormous new government expenditures. Obama has already admitted 
such a "soak anyone making over $250,000/year" punitive tax policy. 
Emanuel is famous for his quote "you never want a serious crisis to go 
to waste…(it’s) an opportunity to do things you think you could not do 
before," which is the prototypical process whereby communists seize 
power, witness Lenin, Mao, Castro, Tito, et al.


Controlling Higher Education


Obama has already launched legislation to remove private lenders from 
student loans which would now all be provided by the federal government 
directly, so that it could choose in a totalitarian manner who receives 
the loans and who doesn't. Many educational institutions are up in arms 
over this legislation as it essentially shifts admissions policy from 
the colleges and universities to the federal government. Control of 
higher education as in Obama's Pell Grant entitlement is an universal 
characteristic of communism to ensure that the young are properly 
ideologically indoctrinated.


Punishing Residential Property Owners


Obama's enormous mortgage bailout legislation is little more than a 
full blown entitlement program. The plan forces the 92 percent of 
responsible home owners to heavily subsidize the irresponsible "ARM-ATM" 
mortgage holders who didn't read their ARM mortgages and used their 
home equity like ATMs. These taxes would be so overwhelming that many of 
the "responsible" majority of mortgage holders could lose their homes. 
The punishment leading to the elimination of property owners in favor of 
the state is a fundamental tenet of Marxism, as Karl wrote "the 
middle-class owner of property: This person must indeed, be swept out of 
the way, and made impossible."


Demolishing The Economy To Replace It With State Control


Obama has:


  • Handicapped American multinationals by denying them tax 
    deferral, placing them at an enormous competitive disadvantage against 
    corporations based anywhere else.
  • Launched entitlement programs which punish innovation and dry up funds for entrepreneurial start ups.
  • Stopped the Treasury from implementing any real recovery plans, discouraging private capital flow into the financial sector.
  • Stated "we have to spread the wealth around, we have to redistribute 
    the wealth of this country through taxation," which is a paraphrasing 
    of Marx's "from each according to his ability, to each according to his 
  • Declared a "War On Business" as shown by his legislation that 
    pharmaceutical corporations pay high rebate fees to Medicaid and 
    promoting the importation of foreign drugs which could include low 
    potency or outright counterfeit drugs into the nation. The financial 
    outlook for US pharmaceutical companies has been decimated.
  • Placed nearly two thirds of a trillion dollars into a health reform 
    reserve fund, which is the tip of the iceberg in the expectations of the 
    cost of fully socialized medicine in America. USA Today has stated that 
    every household in the United States would be on the hook for over half 
    a million dollars.

All of these policies represent time-honored Communist policies 
specifically designed to devastate the free market economy as well as 
impoverish and punish the upper and middle classes leading to their 
elimination so that the Communist "Dictatorship Of The Proletariat" can 
be introduced. It is important to note that in each and every historical 
instance Communism has been introduced into democratic countries and 
they were all swiftly changed to totalitarian dictatorships of a single 
leader benefiting from a "Cult Of Personality."


Policies virtually identical to these were implemented by:


Vladimir Ilyich Lenin in 1917 Russia
Josip Broz Tito in 1945 Yugoslavia
Mao Zedong (Tse-tung) in 1949 China
Fidel Castro in 1959 Cuba
Hugo Chavez in 1999 Venezuela


and now they are being implemented by


Barack Hussein Obama in 2009 United States of America.


That is why has called Obama a "Manchurian Candidate" set to destroy the US economy once elected."

Perhaps I should have just supplied the link?

They have some interesting surveys



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Aglialoro: "Obama cannot bring himself to say that he is a capitalist, and it would be a lie if he did. And that means he has abandoned the vision of the Founding Fathers."

Has there ever been any suggestion that Obama could bring himself to admit he's a capitalist? Actually, has Romney? Maybe I missed it.

Fact is, neither are. Romney at best is third-way lite. But you vote for him because he's far less repugnant than Obama by a country mile.

Actually, that may not be fair. Obama is a new phenomenon in US politics: the truly anti-American president. He fundamentally believes, by his rhetoric, that the US system is bankrupt. He's fully beholding to the left agenda of class, race and gender.

But if Romney can reverse the demise of America, I'll convert to Mormonism. No bad thing: they have very nice choirs.

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