Can We Just Get Rid of the British Bolshevik Commissariat, Please?

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2012-11-12 22:35

Ditto TVNZ and Radio New Zealand, and all other dumbed-down tax-funded playgrounds and playthings for quackers, cretins and compulsionists anywhere in the world!

Can we use this tragi-comedy to get rid of the BBC please? Or, if not, at least to force the Corporation to raise its own income instead of picking our pockets every year for the utterly unjustified tax euphemistically described as the licence fee. And please spare us more propaganda about the licence as the BBC’s guarantee of freedom from having to compete in the dumbed down, dirty world of commercial programming.

Have you looked at Auntie’s schedules recently? Makeover shows, freak shows, cookery shows, Strictly Come Rubbish, the lottery, the oleaginous simpering of witless professional narcissists such as Stephen Fry. And have you seen what these fellows cost?

Ah, but don’t forget “the highest standards of investigative journalism from the finest public service broadcaster in the world,” as I heard from one parroting BBC apparatchik yesterday morning. Lord McAlpine and the victims of Jimmy Savile have suffered enough of this stuff to last them a lifetime. Then there’s that other vaunted guarantee: that of true editorial independence and freedom from bias.

What a joke! The BBC has a social and political agenda immoveable as the laws of the Persians and Medes. Look no further than the recent US election when its journalists and presenters cheered relentlessly for Obama. Or the arrogance with which the Corporation doesn’t even bother to deny – because realistically it can’t – its tireless promotion of the superstitious fad of global warming. The BBC was accused of bias against Israel which it denied, setting up its own internal enquiry into the matter. When the result of the enquiry became available, the BBC refused to publish it and even went to the lengths of incurring hundreds of thousands of pounds in legal costs to have the proof of its anti-Israel policy hushed up. ...

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On this week's viral chart....

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Lord McAlpine: Head of BBC Trust should resign

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Lord McAlpine: Head of BBC Trust should resign

Lord McAlpine, the peer who was smeared as a paedophile by Newsnight, believes that Lord Patten of Barnes, the chairman of the BBC Trust, should resign after his failure to get to grips with the scandal.

"Lord Patten admitted on Sunday that he was aware of the allegations before the programme was broadcast but did not get involved until the following day.

He subsequently gave George Entwistle, the former director-general of the BBC, a £450,000 pay-off to ensure he would go quietly.

A friend of Lord McAlpine said: “He is surprised that Lord Patten says he will only lose his job if he cannot rebuild trust in the BBC. There is a feeling he could have acted and taken a better grip of the situation.

“He thinks there needs to be a clean out of the stables. He questions whether it is appropriate for Lord Patten to continue in his post.”

Lord McAlpine and Lord Patten, who were both senior figures in the Conservative Party under Baroness Thatcher, have been at odds for almost 40 years.

Lord McAlpine, the former treasurer, was a prominent Euro-sceptic, while Lord Patten, the former chairman, was a leading Europhile.

The latest conflict between the pair comes after two weeks in which Lord McAlpine’s reputation has been “destroyed” and the director-general of the BBC has resigned...

Yesterday, Lord McAlpine disclosed that he was taking legal action against the BBC and those who had libelled him on Twitter. He hopes it will deter others from smearing his name.

On Monday, Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, said in his column in The Daily Telegraph that to accuse Lord McAlpine of paedophilia was to consign him to “the lowest circle of hell”.

Lord McAlpine said that having Mr Johnson’s support was “extraordinary”, but the damage could never be fully repaired. “There is a British proverb which is insidious and awful where people say 'there’s no smoke without a fire’, you know,” he said.

“Look, I’m 70 years old, I’ve got a very dicky heart. I don’t want to die, not for another 20 years at least.

“I don’t see it going away completely. I think in light of the arrangements that I can make anyone who does bring it up is going to be very, very foolish.”

Broadcast to 120 million listeners worldwide...

Marcus's picture mark 90 years of BBC radio. 2LO was the name of the transmitter first used in 1922.

While we are at it

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Can we also get rid of Canada's cbc? 

If one wishes to be bored to tears one only has to watch the absolute crap our taxes pay for.

The only thing they do a half decent job is when they cover the Olympics.  So once every 4 years it is actually worth watching.

BBC celebrates 90 years tomorrow...

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...since its first ever transmission.

However conveniently not mentioned was it was a private company in 1922, only to be established by Royal Charter as a public corporation 10 years later.

It was funny on a BBC current affairs program yesterday they were going on about all these right-wing Tories who want to use this crisis to privatise them.

Although I didn't see the item that wrongly accused McAlpine one Tory MP complained how they spat out the words "former top Tory during the Thatcher era" in that report.

It seems the BBC relished the idea of inflicting damage on Thatcher and the Tories only to score a massive own goal which is in danger of doing permanent damage to their own position.

At least this might curb their bias in the future, at most we might see some sort of future partial privatisation as a result.

However together with the NHS this is a holy cow of British culture. The full privatisation of both these institutions will only occur after a major revolution. Bring it on!

Journalism paid for by the state...

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...yet supposedly without bias? Really? Does not at least some of the British audience see a problem with this claim? I'd like to think the few BBC shows I enjoy here in the UPS (through BBC America) could do very well in "commercial" television without being supported by her majesty's tax dollars.

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