The American Revolution, part two!

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Submitted by Marcus on Tue, 2012-11-13 13:24

Unhappy Americans ask to secede from US

"More than 100,000 Americans have petitioned the White House to allow their states to secede from the US, after President Barack Obama's re-election.

The appeals were filed on the White House's We the People website.

Most of the 20 states with petitions voted for Republican Mitt Romney.

The US constitution contains no clause allowing states to leave the union. By Monday night the White House had not responded.

In total, more than 20 petitions have been filed. One for Texas has reached the 25,000-signature threshold at which the White House promises a response.

The last time states officially seceded, the US Civil War followed."

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Well this is interesting..

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So in effect these states are loooking for their own version of galts gulch?

After they reach the required 25000 signatures to be heard, the white house will probably say "ok we heard you, and we deny the request now stfu."

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