Hostess Liquidates - 18,000 people lose jobs from striking - Atlas Shrugged

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But in America the fascist National Labor Relations Act (1935) strips away this freedom

Yes, any serious pro-liberty movement would be screaming for the repeal of the National Labor Relations Act; a serious piece of socialist legislation if ever there was one. I'm sure Rand used it as a model for the legislation in 'Atlas Shrugged'.

BTW, notice how the 1930s was a terrible decade in which so much socialist legislation was passed; ie the securities laws. It is not for nothing that the 30s were called 'the Red Decade'.


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Unions are collectivist, communist, criminal conspiracies and cancers which decimate every company and industry they weigh down and infect. Anyone who is a union member, or who privately favors such a destructive and evil thing, should be summarily fired by his boss.

But in America the fascist National Labor Relations Act (1935) strips away this freedom, and the Supreme Court's National Labor Relations Board v. Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation (1937) affirms this tyranny.

Here's a thumbnail guide to the liberty American businesses don't have:

NZ Rate Payers - Shrug

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"A small council on the verge of bankruptcy now faces a potential debt of about $100 million - equal to more than $7000 for every ratepayer.

The Kaipara District Council is preparing for the possibility it will have to pay back about $19 million of illegally set rates, on top of the $79 million debt it has run up in the past four years.

Elected councillors resigned in August to make way for Government-appointed commissioners, who are trying to keep the Northland council financially afloat and stop the spread of a rates strike (1100 ratepayers on strike) which affects much of the district.

The strikers' main grievance is that the council secretly agreed to double the cost of an unpopular sewage treatment scheme in Mangawhai, which has created most of the debt.


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