"Obamarx" Makes It to Amazon! Review of New Reisman Book

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2012-11-27 01:01

George Reisman was kind enough to send me a complimentary copy of his new Kindle book, "The Benevolent Nature of Capitalism and Other Essays." I have given it the five stars it deserves, and reviewed it, under the title, "Concise, Potent Antidote to Obamarx."


Those who found Dr Reisman's original masterpiece, "Capitalism," required its own bookshelf or suitcase, the carrying of which lengthened one's arms, will rejoice in this mini-version, "The Benevolent Nature of Capitalism and Other Essays." It includes the best of the original magnum opus, and essays written since, including the redoubtable professor's most recent blog post, "Controlling Government Guns."

The title essay is a compact, crisp and clear rebuttal of every myth and misconception about capitalism routinely touted by its enemies, and even by some of its friends. More than that, it is a rapt celebration of capitalism's glory. As a previous reviewer noted, it should be required reading in every school - and in the Obamarx White House, now the HQ of American socialism.

Even more so should be Chapter Two, on freedom. The following chilling observation by Reisman should be a wake-up call for Americans who have complacently allowed the century-long erosion of freedom to acquire avalanche proportions: "In the twentieth century, freedom in the United States has been in decline. A twofold measure of this decline is the fact that, with little if any exaggera­tion, it is now the case that the average mugger has less to fear from the police and courts than the average successful businessman or professional has to fear from the Internal Revenue Service." The section on the distinction between the rational and the anarchic view of what freedom is, is masterly.

If it is not too late to save America, this book could play an invaluable role in doing so.