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Theme song from Joss Whedon's short-lived, but great, 2002 t'v' series Firefly. In the distant sci-fi future the Browncoats fight a ferocious civil war -- and lose. So those of the tiny spaceship Serenity seek their freedom in the deep dark recesses of outer space. A musical message of libertarian defiance and confidence.

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IDF training

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She was also totally buffed! She trained extensively in Krav Maga to get into the mindset and physical shape for the role!

That's right. Cameron had her train with an ex-IDF dude. He totally got her into shape and it showed on screen.

But look further

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Admittedly they aren't very realistic or well-done these days.

True. But take a look at Hamilton's Sarah Connor in T2. SHE WAS RIPPED AND A GUN NUT!! I.e. she turned herself into a man. Also compare her in T1 and T2. I remember thinking how cute and fuckable she was in T1. I had a crush on her. But in T2? She scared the crap out of me. She looked like a man and was in better shape than me at the time. She was not very feminine in T2. And that is what happens when women become men. (Compare her square chin in T2 to her soft feminine look in T1.)

But, also note something else. The two movies that I can think of where there were genuinely strong women were both directed by James Cameron. T2 and Aliens 2. I think Ripley in Aliens 2 was the only legitimate portrayal of a kick ass chick that I have seen. In that movie she was MORALLY strong as well as resourceful. But she was not like River Phoenix. She did not go around karate chopping the aliens the way that River did to the Reavers. She was very vulnerable physically but a moral rock. A true heroine.

Note the difference with Whedon's warrior waifs. Cameron, although he is a Leftist, is not stupid. He had the entire cast of Aliens 2 read Heinlein's "Starship Troopers" which is one of Heinlein's more Conservative books. I always liked Ripley in Aliens 2 and was never offended by her the way I was offended by Buffy or River or any character that Angelina Jolie plays.

I have no problem with women being portrayed as strong and moral. But I hate when they are portrayed as physically stronger than men, as well as all the other bullshit feminist tropes that Hollywood beats us over the head with (Whedon included).

Linda hamilton

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Was totally Kass in TII!!! She was also totally buffed!  She  trained extensively in Krav Maga to get into the mindset and physical shape for the role!

Current Entertainment

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Doug -- I maybe need to check out Joss Whedon more on Youtube. But I kinda do like strong, kick-ass, female characters and heros in fiction. Admittedly they aren't very realistic or well-done these days. One of the best was Linda Hamilton in Terminator II (1991). (Interestingly, women seemed to react to her portrayal there with pretty dreadful envy and hate, while men seemed to accept her and find her character realistic. I adored her.)

I think in our irrational, illiberal Dark Age you just have to find the best people you can. Even if the whole world is a lunatic asylum for fatuous mass-murderers (pretty much my theory, by the way), you still have to try to find the best crazy, dumb killers realistically available. So I'm curious as to who you think are the best fictional men of reason, individualism, and freedom in today's entertainment world, especially in novels, t'v', and film?

I dislike Whedon

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He's massively talented, and has an outstanding sense of Good vs. Evil, and plenty of heart-felt heroism, in his video work. Whedon is also intelligent, perceptive, aware, and hip.

I used to think this. He is talented but he has a Leftist soul and Dr. Horrible, while entertaining, shows his undiluted altruism. He doesn't get egoism at all. He has indicated in some of his interviews that the "reavers" represented (the standard leftist view) that Islamic terrorists were created by evil rich corporate interests in tandem with fascist capitalist government (to a Leftist they are the same). He also doesn't understand individualism and has expressed many communitarian sympathies in his interviews.

Look, he does have talent, although I think most O'ists overstate it. But then most O'ists are desperate for any depiction of genuine heroism or anything that hints at Rand's value set. Whedon is an explicit Nietzschean. So he rejects Christianity, and that shows in his work. But he's still a committed altruist. Google up his pro-Obama video where he reveals himself to be an idiot Leftist. It was the nail on the head for my loss of respect for him.

Also, I have a personal dislike for him because he is a feminist and he CONSTANTLY has what I call the "warrior waif" character; ie Buffy or River (ridiculously thin women "kicking male ass"). I HATE, HATE, HATE warrior female characters. Its enough for me to IMMEDIATELY stop viewing. Women are not warriors, they are not men. Whedon is a fucking Leftist, feminist, white-knighting, little weasel who does not understand male honor, male strength, masculinity, masculine power and masculine virtue. Whedon is fucking post modern through and through. His male characters are usually witty assholes that spit nothing but one liners; ie witness 'The Avengers'. Whedon has no soul. He is a poster boy for "Airhead America".

But that's me. I'm difficult and I despise modern culture. Sadly, Whedon is about the best you can expect and 'Firefly' is about the most "pro-liberty" and "pro-individualism" you can find. Which is why Objectivists usually love that show. For me, just once I would want to see a tv or movie show where feminism is not being shoved down my throat. But I won't get that in this culture or my lifetime.

Josh Whedon

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Doug -- Is Josh Whedon really all that leftist, altruistic, and unlikeable? To me he seems like a really good and cool guy, based on quite a few printed interviews and news stories that I've read. But maybe I need to check him out in more detail...

I don't mind all that much if he's politically leftist. All I care about is if someone is politically Upist/Downist or Northern/Southern. Leftists and Rightists both tend to vary widely in terms of their support for libertarianism or tyranny.

Whedon seems great to me based on his t'v' shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003), Angel (1999–2004), and Firefly (2002), plus his movies Serenity (2005), The Cabin in the Woods (2012), and the mini-movie Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (2008). He's massively talented, and has an outstanding sense of Good vs. Evil, and plenty of heart-felt heroism, in his video work. Whedon is also intelligent, perceptive, aware, and hip.

In Firefly I like the fact that the captain was an atheist and one crew member was a completely-respected courtesan. Nicely far-sighted and noble. And, yes, the companion on the show was almost unbearably lovely and wonderful. Smiling

Morena Baccarin

I liked Firefly too. But

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I liked Firefly too. But Whedon is a hardcore Leftist and altruist. He's unlikeable. And Firefly does have that "economic power equals political power" crap that the Left believes in. The evil "Blue Sun" Corporation is Whedon's way of showing how unbridled capitalism equals fascism, ie "The Alliance". This is yet another core Leftist belief.

That being said. The original 13 episodes of Firefly were good tv. Captain Mal was a strong male lead and the hooker chick was hot (she's Brazilian in real life).

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