Who is paid by Iran?

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Submitted by Anonymous Guest on Sun, 2012-12-02 05:45

Some of the Soloists suggested that this is me. However, there is much more worthy recipient-Barack Hussein Obama. The American President became a defender of ayatollahs and protects them with all might that American glorious constitution bestowed on him.

""The truth is that the U.S. Congress continues to lead a comprehensive and unrelenting international sanctions program against the Iranian regime despite a comprehensive and unrelenting campaign by this administration to block or water down those sanctions at every move," a senior GOP Senate aide told The Cable. "We beat them 100-0 last year and while they tried to kill this amendment more quietly this time, we beat them again 94-0. Hopefully House and Senate negotiators will stay strong and resist the administration's strategy to dilute these sanctions in conference."


Now, in order to avoid any litigation I want to state it clearly-I don't say that Obama is actually receiving payments from Iran. But he should-he worth every cent to them.

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Bad, Gregster

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"You're only a volunteer for the enemy"-do you really have to make this kind of moron's statements? Haven't you proved yourself as such enough?


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You beat me to the punch ahaha!

Good Leonid

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You're only a volunteer for the enemy. Correct - President BO is paying millions to support America's enemies.

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