The Importance of the One

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Fri, 2012-12-14 20:08

People need to rally all their forces, come together, and become united in serving the noblest cause of them all: the Holy Individual and the Sacred Self. The collective should ratchet up its energy level to the highest possible and sacrifice all for this, the highest of ideals.

The fact is the Individual is metaphysically untouchable and existentially sacrosanct. He is holy and sacred to the point of infinity. Each Individual is greater and more important than all of mankind and god almighty combined.

In any virtuous or civilized society, the goal and value of Individual happiness is paramount at all times, under all conditions, and in every situation whatsoever. And it should be noted that personal, selfish, greedy joy is the key to all of organic greatness and cosmic progress.

The Individual has a limitless and unbreachable right to life, pleasure, privacy, and secrecy. Everyone should worship the standard and ideal of the Individual Good. And we should all seek to utterly annihilate "the best interests of all," "the common good," "the greater good," "the good of all," etc.

Everyone can and should partake of this goal and value at all times and without restrictions. Properly done, no interpersonal contradictions or conflicts will ever arise. Social cooperation, harmony, and peace will be universal and instantaneous.

For human beings to truly ascend, we need to brutally, savagely, remorselessly, mercilessly kill off service and servitude to the group and to "god." We need to summarily reject all of these hellish, absurd, nonsensical fantasies, as well as their never-never land futures of pseudo-idealism and false utopianism.

All the loathsome, evil Edens and Paradises of the communalists and religiosos effectively hate and destroy the priceless Individual. They efficaciously hate and destroy the entire universe and every last one of us.

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