Connecticut Elementary School Massacre

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Submitted by Kyrel Zantonavitch on Sat, 2012-12-15 15:41

26 innocents gunned down yesterday (December 14, 2012) without warning or cause -- including a stunning 20 young kids.

The welfare state literally paves the way for every madman and monster to destroy us. That Newtown, Connecticut mass-murderer traveled unguarded communist roads to an unguarded communist school. At least in nearby New York City all the commie "schools" have metal detectors. But no armed teachers or security guards.

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Well its like this

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Criminals that cannot get guns(rarely the case) will instead use knives and bats or crowbars.

For the most part they know the victims are defenseless so therefore more violent crime.

Not many criminals will risk getting shot just to to rob you...

Poor England

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I wouldn't live in England for that reason alone even though I think Brittish chicks are hot. But the UK government is insanely Leftist when it comes to culture. Really, what happened to the British people? They used to be the freest and most civilized people on Earth. Now, you can't even own a gun.

Britain: the most violent

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The U.S. is surprisingly not as violent as it is made out to be, at a rate of 466 crimes per 100,000 residents, if the Tory figures are accurate.

Daily Mail


Olivia and Linz

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Thanks for the invite and your advice IS right and it is noble. I would love to make it down to New Zealand (for the scenery if nothing else). But I doubt the women there are any better than in America. The Anglo-American world is undergoing the same sexual dynamics. Even Eastern Europe is being corrupted by all the Anglo / Western Euro men going there for the less sluttifed women. There are an army of PUA trained men flooding Eastern Europe in hopes of finding thin, non-feminist spoiled women.

But Lidsay is right. In the link he provided is a description of basically every club in the Western World (and many in the Eastern). Clubs (and to a lesser extent bars/pubs) have become pure meat markets (which they really always were but the phenomenon is greater by orders of magnitude today). They're mindless dens of debauchery. There is a whole section of the PUA community dedicated to how to get laid in bathrooms and dark corners of night clubs; the infamous "bathroom pull" or "back alley pull" or "trash dumpster pull". No joke. This is an art form to many. Certain PUAs are legendary for not even using WORDS to get sex; just body language, eye contact, sexual subliminals. From meet to sex in less than 5 minutes sometimes. This is pure atavism. Well, what do you expect when you destroy the mind and de-emphasize the importance of moral virtue? And if this is going to be the majority of a nation's female citizenry? In one sense the Conservatives are right when they say that no society can survive like this. But where we would disagree is with their "solutions". But we're way past Sodom and Ghamora.

Lady S

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Much and all as I'd love to meet our redoubtable Lord Bandler, I don't think we should lure him here on false pretences. Goddesses? Here? Sluts and slags, more like it. And that's just the men! This description of a night out in Courtenay Place is entirely accurate, from my own intentionally limited experience:

The foul stench of stale liquor and cigarettes lingers on the footpath. Bouncers regulate the flow of patrons. Two sober men are sent packing. A gaggle of stumbling blondes breezes through. Lights flash and music thumps. Screams, yells and profanities perforate our ears. What the hell is happening here?

A young man in a business shirt, top button undone, bumps deliberately in to my shoulder and stares at me, his eyes full of hatred. I stare back, my eyes are a mix of disbelief and confusion. He must be having a rubbish night.

I hear a group of guys planning their next move: "Yeah bro, ok, our first plan is to get drunk....second..." he forgets what he was going to say and ducks down an alleyway to relieve himself. His friends move on without him. We stand around for what seems like an age trying to decide which den of sin to enter first. We decide on the most disgusting one. We want our money's worth tonight.

As soon as we enter we all realise we've made a mistake. In front of us a diabolical scene plays out. The place is completely packed with well-dressed people behaving like animals. They stumble around the bar. A young guy comes past with two shots in his hand. He's very pleased with himself. The dance pit is in full effect, a platoon of women dance to the latest club banger. The song sounds the same as all the rest. The girls are all wearing the same dress. Guys with their shirts open rub up behind anyone who'll give them even the slightest hint of interest. ...

The drooling beast prowls through all the world.

That Piers Morgan clip...

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was hard to watch - that's the brashness I'm talking about in the Comprachicoed, masking FEAR. That's also aggressive brashness which is politically emboldened knowing practically everyone (except those who can think properly) agree with him. Makes me sick! What a miserable cunt he was to his interviewee. People like him completely miss the point - it's cultural/philosophical. Nothing at all to do with how many people carry weapons. What a fucking moron. How these people rise to the giddy heights of their professions I'll never know.. oh wait... practically everyone in that profession holds the same stupid opinion. Brits are socialists through and through. In their world the likes of the kinds of people who once lived a la Downton-Abbey-style are their sworn enemies - what an amazing irony that that show is the most popular thing on TV - even here in NZ.

Because of the cultural deterioration, to me it's a no-brainer to have armed guards in schools in the States. Not armed teachers necessarily, but proper security.

Given the fact that America is heading full tilt toward becoming a fully socialist nation this type of shooting will just become common place. Tragic but true.

My advice to you Dougy is find a good girl, hell come have a holiday in NZ and meet a few, I'll take you out on the town with Linz and we can weed out the sluts from the goddesses and have some fun. Then settle down and raise your own children according to your own values... ones who can think, have decent morals, are loving and a credit to you and your name. America will limp on and on, progressively growing worse but with the potential to have a Renaissance, as Kyrel postulates. Raise children who will contribute toward that end and willingly ignore all the other knob-heads. Smiling

Encouraging young men to have

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Encouraging young men to have a healthy attitude towards sex and women would solve a lot of problems. Beware those who have been bought up by strict religious nuts determined to potray the body as unclean and sex as inherently wicked unless child-birth is always part of the deal. And I agree with we need these boys to get jobs early (which means scrapping dumb labor market regulations and things like minimum wage laws) and encouraging apprenticeships and learning the value and pride of earning some money, rather than go through a sort of protracted adolescence; they also need to have dads around to show them how to behave like men, defend women, learn manners and learn how to stand up to bullies and thugs. One issue is schools: in my country, the UK, a lot of schoolteachers are now women, and young boys need to have more male teachers to lead by example. (And the current terror about every male working with kids being a potential paedophile hardly helps the situation).

Doug is correct that objectivists need to say rather more about these issues than they do. Hell, we need to say a lot more about other issues, too, where our point of view has some relevance.

Here is an interesting article on such issues: http://rationaljenn.blogspot.c...

And this is not by an objectivist, as far as I know, but it looks interesting: http://worldsstrongestlibraria...

First of all, as a Brit, I

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First of all, as a Brit, I want to apologise to Americans for this asshole Piers Morgan. He is regarded as a bit of a joke here in the old country. His performance in that TV clip was appalling.

On a more substantial point, Doug, in his main comment, points to issues such as fatherhood, or the lack thereof, in the presence of the life of this youngster. I urge people to read this book, by "Dr Helen" - wife of Instapundit blogger and law professor Glenn Reynolds - which focuses on this very issue, and what is happening in American society. The lessons are very relevant on the Brit side of the Pond, or indeed, many other places.

It is hardly original, of course, to draw attention to this issue, but this lady does so with great insight and in great detail. And she also does not fall into the error of damning feminism, or call for a reverse to the advances women have made in the workforce or other areas of life.

re guns for teachers and the evil of the Left

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Look at the hatred from the British Leftie. This man doesn't want solutions, he wants those that oppose him silenced and punished.

Teachers should teach.

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re: The idea of arming school staff does not give me much confidence.

Me neither, which is why I didn't propose it. Teachers should teach.


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The idea of arming school staff does not give me much confidence. I’d rather take my chances with random pyscos than give teacher’s and gym instructors guns.

The NZ system of allowing anyone who wants a gun to obtain one, subject to a police check, seems a good one. It combines a degree of personal liberty for those who are responsible and restricts weapons to those who should not have them.

A well-armed society may be a polite one but it would be a fucking unpleasant place to live.

Never Say Die

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Doug -- The West may or may not actually be failing today. Maybe we're all currently experiencing the early and semi-chaotic days of a philosophical and cultural Renaissance. ( But either way the history of mankind is still the history of progress and ascent. So the best thing to do may be to cheer up and fight on! Smiling

yes, but...

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Doug -- Life is still often beautiful here in America! I had killer fun less than 13 hours ago with a hard-body Japanese girl named Yuki.

I'm glad to hear it. And yes, Japanese girls can provide many hours of killer fun. But no matter how we drown ourselves in sex, the West is still falling.

Effective, not symbolic or political action

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1] The nation is filled with ex-law enforcement and ex-military already trained with firearms. Ask for a pool of volunteers.

2] Deputize them as part of local LE by the county sheriff, who usually administers gun permits. Background checks(these are schools, after all; magnets for pedophiles). Cost this out. Make the deputized volunteers accountable to LE as deputies.

3] Cost out retraining for school duty. Two weeks? Six weeks? Recurring? Cost this out.

4] If too many volunteers, then stagger their schedules.

5] If not enough volunteers, then stagger their locations on a random basis.

6] Permit fees are ridiculously low and infrequent; ask permit holders to volunteer additional contributions to help fund this.

With that in place, cost out the program and get feedback from local school districts. Before we say we it is too expensive and can't be done, cost it out and present the costs to school districts.

My kid's public HS has had an armed guard at the school since Columbine. He's never drawn his weapon, and success is, he never will. But we could broaden that idea to more schools with a program like the above. I've started the conversation with our local county sheriff, this community isn't waiting for insights from on high.

Not Time to Surrender Yet

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Doug -- Life is still often beautiful here in America! I had killer fun less than 13 hours ago with a hard-body Japanese girl named Yuki. Party

good points

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Of course, today's near-universal communist road-system makes the threat to society from these nut-jobs 10 or possibly 100 times worse than normal. And we certainly need to be very clear, objective, and perceptive about who goes into any state mental institutions, who comes out, and why. Careful laws and rational, correct, wise mental/psychological health standards are important here.

Good points. In today's Leftist world governed by PoMo Wankery state mental institutions could be a very dangerous thing. Leftists think we are insane! I am sure they would love to lock us up.

There is no solution to all of our cultural problems under the rule of PoMo philosophy and modern liberalism. We're fucked until these things burn themselves out. And that might mean the destruction of the West.

Armed and Ready

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Send Them to the Loony Bin! ;-)

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Doug -- Mental institutions seem very similar to prisons, and thus are a proper function of libertarian gov't, IMHO. Wackos who are genuine and objective threats to innocents should be monitored closely by gov't agents or even forcibly locked up. Once there, they should maybe even be given coercive medicines, behavior treatments, and possibly medical operations for those who are severe menaces to themselves and others.

Of course, today's near-universal communist road-system makes the threat to society from these nut-jobs 10 or possibly 100 times worse than normal. And we certainly need to be very clear, objective, and perceptive about who goes into any state mental institutions, who comes out, and why. Careful laws and rational, correct, wise mental/psychological health standards are important here.

Goblians, Conservatives and State Mental Institutions

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We are now seeing the apogee of airheadery, and it's somewhat galling to see Objectivists in denial over this, especially since the Goblians are not in denial and are using it as a pretext to resurrect their superstition. I shall post an article in the next day or so.

I can't wait to read it. True point about the Goblians. I would add that Conservatives are using the shootings as a pretext to press for censorship of Hollywood and violent movies. Liberty is getting the blame.

But here is a question. As I understand it, state mental institutions were closed decades ago because of what? My guess is some Leftist premise. Is it the function of the state to have state mental institutions? I think yes and I think that closing them and refusing to "put crazy people away" is a cause for all this violence. (I still think my "Beta Male Rage" is very important.)

It is a no brainer

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Do what the Israeli's do.  Armed guards in every school.

Also, put the balls back in men.  Have fathers go through EXTENSIVE armed and unarmed combat training.  Better training in firearms training than the police.  Learn "slicing the pie" tactics etc. No one will protect children like their own fathers. Have them take shifts, 1-2 days per month off work for school protection duty.  No company would begrudge this, they may even get paid, although they will willingly do this for free.

Guns do not kill people psychotic people kill people.  And politicians kill people(yes most are psychopaths to one degree or another.)

Should We Ban Guns?

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Is criminalizing guns the answer? A 2007 Harvard Law School survey of Western and American murder and suicide rates correlated with gun control laws says No.

Liberal Philosophy to the Rescue

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Doug makes a lot of good points. I think that if this geeky guy (1) had a decent job, (2) played a lot of competitive sports, and (3) had a lot of sex -- at least, with semi-sympathetic prostitutes -- there's almost no way in hell he would have perpetrated this atrocity. Almost all jihadi mass-murderers could also be prevented thus. A capitalist economy and libertarian society would cure or contain almost all of the psychos. Having a rational personal philosophy would vastly help as well. So too respect for the sanctity of human life and for individual rights.

I am interested in your take

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I am interested in your take on not only this shooting but the phenomenon in general. Why are we seeing this?

During the 50s America was flooded with guns. They were freely available and purchasable. The country was awash in captured WWII weapons. Hell, I even remember antitank rifles offered for sale in sporting magazines, no questions asked. Yet the rate of violence, gun related violence, and murder were less than one fifth what was being seen 15 years later.

The difference was was that there was a mental stability, sanity, and sense of proportion within the general population of the 50s that doesn't exist today. The role modeling and other environment in the nation has been instrumental in producing angry psychotics and psychopathic devients. Hell, we even have had a recent president who was nothing but a celebrated serial rapist protected by the status of his offices. The predictable result is an ongoing sequence of mass murderers.


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Note to Lindsay: I am interested in your take on not only this shooting but the phenomenon in general. Why are we seeing this? How would you kink this to generation Airhead? Because I am sure you think they are linked.

Doug: I think your first two paras are off-target, but the rest of your post is a bullseye. The link between these shootings and Airhead America (by which I don't mean only Generation Airhead, btw)? The former are micro, the latter, macro ... and the link utterly unassailable. We are now seeing the apogee of airheadery, and it's somewhat galling to see Objectivists in denial over this, especially since the Goblians are not in denial and are using it as a pretext to resurrect their superstition. I shall post an article in the next day or so.

Beta Male Rampage

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This is what I discussed in the other thread and that imbecile Jason Quintana mocked it. THIS IS A COMMON PATTERN WITH SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED BETA MALES!! The Columbine kids, the Virginia Tech Asian kid, Jared Laughtner, George Soudini, The Batman killer, and now Lanza. In the 1950s these dudes would have all been married. They would have been providers of a family. They would have been guaranteed a wife. They would have been family men and thus invested in their society. But today? As I said, in today's sexual marketplace these men can NOT get decent looking girls. Maybe they can get married when they are older - to worn out 30 and 40 somethings. But many men no longer want those women after they have been taking it up every orifice by sexy alphas since they were 16.

The result is that there is an ENORMOUS pool of resentment and RAGE against society by these men (and it is not Lindsay's rational rage). If one of these frustrated Betas is angry and disturbed enough he will kill. And we are seeing this over and over and over again. It is NOT going to get better.

Now are other things contributing to this? Of course. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

1) Public education - grade school, high school and the universities. We know what this does.

2) Progressive control of the education system - the Gramsci-ites knew how to fight a cultural war. Control the schools and you win.

3) The Welfare State - creates dependents, creates entitlement mindset which is just institutionalized narcissism. And today's Western women are the most narcissist women in human history.

4) Economic Intervention - prevents many of these Betas from getting better jobs (or any jobs) and becoming more invested in their society.

5) Regulation - closely linked to the above but it should be noted that the Leftist government has subsidized female dominated industries (health care, education, etc) at the expense of men. This gives women economic advantages they would not have in a free market. As a result the one thing that Beta males have, their earning power, is taken away from them. Which is another reason why a free market is so important. It serves as a partial dampener on female hypergamy by allowing men to earn more than women which is NATURAL as men are selected for their accomplishments. WOMEN ARE NOT. Even Dagny Taggart would have been ignored if she were not attractive.

6) Feminism - the assault on men and masculine strength is ubiquitous in our society. TV is a barren fucking wasteland of anti-male sentiment. Most TV and movie writers are either women or gay. Neither of these understand masculinity at the deepest levels, and that is not an insult against homosexuals as homosexuals. (I will say this though, homosexuals understand the fickleness of women better than anyone.) Post 1960s men have been turned into a bunch of castrated weaklings (on average). This is related to the philosophical attacks on objective morality and on pride but it plays out a certain way. Just look at the movies. Compare the male actors of the pre-60s era to today. What more needs to be said?

Here are the most important factors IMO:

7) Divorce and Single Mother families - This is creating a climate in which men are raised with nothing but female influence. The consequence is that such men rarely understand the nuances of women well enough to be successful with them. This is what happened to me sadly. Raised by a clueless single mother who did more harm than good. And I suffered at the hands of women as a supplicating Beta male until I discovered Game. Not all of these killers are from single parent families but I would bet that all of their fathers are Beta males themselves. Meaning that none of these killers were exposed to strong, moral fathers who helped develop their moral integrity. The days of 'Father Knows Best' are dead and buried.

8 - The refusal to Institutionalize these troubled men - From what I understand, under the influence of the Left, America no longer institutionalizes troubled and dysfunctional people. This would be mean and only evil right wing extremists are mean. So they are left at liberty to do what they have been doing; ie kill. This is an area that a smart Objectivist social commentator would do well to expose.

9) Anti-gun laws - As Heinlein said, "an armed society is a polite society". These rampages all occur in no gun zones. The Left wants a legally disarmed citizenry. This is all part of their state worship. The Left has unleashed these monsters because of 8 above and then they won't let us arm ourselves in defense. How many times do I have to say it - THE LEFT IS EVIL.

But, let me close with my familiar refrain, where is the Objectivist movement on this? You can rest assured they will never mention feminism or any of the other points I made about female hypergamy. They may touch on the gun control issue and if they do I will salute them to that extent. But the Objectivist movement is CLUELESS about cultural issues and the sexual dynamics that are at play. Take a look at weak chinned Quintana. There's your Objectivist movement.

Note to Lindsay: I am interested in your take on not only this shooting but the phenomenon in general. Why are we seeing this? How would you kink this to generation Airhead? Because I am sure you think they are linked.

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