Why Isn't Lindsay Perigo on Fox News?

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Submitted by Pete L on Thu, 2012-12-20 19:39

Seriously. He has legitimate broadcasting credentials, and is very colorful in his words. His libertarianism would be tolerated because he's a stalwart hawk on defense and vehement in his dislike of Obama. He would have to change his style to match cable news (more quick soundbites), but he could do it. Perhaps he could be a guest commentator on some "talking heads" type shows, and then maybe get his own half hour or hour.

No doubt he would get fired at some point for saying something that crossed the line with advertisers (calling Obama filth, calling Democrats dem-scum, calling Islam savage etc), but it would be very controversial and raise his profile. He could then go on to more independent web avenues with a much higher profile.

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Just had my first coffee from the mug you bought me. Thank you!

Things are stalled on the professional front as I wait for my impaired vision to return to normal, which it still has not after epiretinal membrane surgery. If I keep both eyes open it's like looking through crinkly cellophane (the condition is also known as "cellophane maculopathy"). That, and ongoing wildly fluctuating ("labile") blood pressure accompanied by wildly fluctuating energy levels, not to mention urethral stricture after my prostate surgery, has slowed me down somewhat, and I'm not pressing my case with places like Fox News right now. I did have discussions with a couple of the American lawyers on SOLO about their acting as my agent, but nothing came of it. There'd be good $$$$$$$$$$$$$ for whoever represented me successfully. I agree that Fox and I would be a natural fit and am delighted to see some spontaneous enthusiasm here for that idea. I believe I could fill a vacuum not being filled by Stossel. Every time I see him with Bill O'Reilly I cringe at how weak and seemingly ill-prepared he is. O'Reilly just creams him every time, and that shouldn't happen.

In any event, of course I shall outlive you all! Rumours of my imminent demise, born of my enemies' wishful thinking, have been greatly exaggerated. Eye

Meantime, memo to all: if you haven't done so already, buy my Kindle book, like it, rate it, review it, plug it! Eye

If the US would have just given him a visa....

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...he would already be there.

Linz would make an invaluable condition to combating airhead America.

I visited him yesterday and he is still in fine voice. As I said to him, he will probably outlive us all.

Wasted Opportunity

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The fact that Lindsay wasn't recognized by the ARI and his talents not exploited to advance Objectivism shows that Objectivism is not yet a mature philosophy. It has no shrewdness and no wisdom. Its still stuck at the level of the college student who is thumbing his nose at the world or role playing at being John Galt. It is not yet ready to deal with actual human society in any meaningful way. Lindsay could have made inroads into the popular culture. If, that is, he could have kept from saying some of the more "colorful" things that he says (i.e. that Obama should hang). But I think he could have done this once he realized how high the stakes were. Lindsay could have won over Glenn Beck and many others too. He's as articulate and as well spoken as a Marc Steyn and that New Zealand accent helps. Anything a Brit, an Australian or a New Zealender says sounds smart just by virtue of their accents. Total missed opportunity.

The news world lacks KASS

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You got my vote too!

I'd love to see Linz on Fox News...

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But if he can't make it to Fox News, he could start his own Youtube channel.

He could really let loose on Youtube.

Well if it was up for the

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Well if it was up for the vote, this would have mine Smiling

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