Annals of Airheadery (aka Chronicles of Cretinism)

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2012-12-28 21:51

I am going to keep this thread permanently blue-stickied, like Marcus's Global Warming thread, Philip Duck's UN thread, etc. It will serve as a repository for exhibits in my case that America has now become Airhead America indisputably—comprachicoed, cretinized, lobotomized, infantilized, collectivized, Slayerized, zombified, pomofied, Gramscified, Alinskyfied and generally filthified beyond recognition (from the Founding Fathers' Republic) and beyond salvation. It is not a cliff that America hovers atop; it is the abyss.

I encourage folk to post their own items of evidence here. My first exhibit is this new poll showing a clear majority believing that Obamarx, whose galloping socialism has greatly exacerbated the crisis he inherited, is better able than his opponents to solve it, especially by raising taxes on incomes above $250,000. Who, with a modicum of a suggestion of a hint of a morsel of an intimation of anything remotely resembling a brain, could believe this ... of The Anti-American President for whom the "fiscal cliff" is his wettest wet dream: higher taxes on everyone and the disarming of America via a gouging of the military. Whatever the final outcome of the talks that have just concluded, be sure of one thing: Obamarx doesn't want to avert the cliff; he's itching to jump off it! How much more quickly could he then effect his threatened "fundamental transformation" of America from partly capitalist to overwhelmingly fascist ... from free, strong and prosperous to enslaved, disarmed and bankrupt ... from superpower to banana republic. The Filth is about to satiate the "untrammeled fury" of which he once wrote.

In further testament to the reality of Airhead America, The Filth's approval numbers are also soaring:

American voters trust President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats by a far greater margin than they do Republicans to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff, according to a new poll.

The poll, released Thursday by Quinippiac University, found that voters, by a 53% to 36% margin, say Democrats are more likely to resolve the impasse. The poll also gave Mr. Obama a personal approval rating of 53% to 44%, his highest score in three years.

“This is only the second time in more than three years that President Obama has broken 50%,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. “And voters see Republicans as more likely to be obstructionist, and have less confidence in their ability to come up with the right solution to the nation’s financial woes.”

Further providing a boost to the Democratic position, by a 65% to 31% margin, voters support higher taxes on households making more than $250,000 per year. Mr. Obama has vowed to veto any legislation that wouldn’t increase rates on the wealthiest Americans, while Republicans remain steadfast that they will oppose any deal that raises tax rates on any Americans. ...

The poll surveyed 1,949 registered voters nationwide from Nov. 28 to Dec. 3, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.2 percentage points.

No shortage of uses for Australian taxpayers money

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Competition for Clarke and Dawe

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Matt Damon

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Matt Damon quoting, apparently, his old friend Howard Zinn.

Matt Damon: "The problem today isn't civil disobedience, it is civil obedience... Our problem is the numbers of people all over the world who have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience."

That's pretty bad ...

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... even allowing that it's from California, in Airhead America, and a female.

Why didn't someone shoot the stupid bitch?

Oh, I forget ... no one present would know she's a stupid bitch.

If she doesn't become Obamarx's Agriculture Czarina, she'll certainly get a job anchoring Fox and Friends First, even with those droopy tits.


Seriously, sociologically (that means very seriously) speaking, I'd love to know when in the process of Airheadification that ditzy, quacky, retarded style of "speech" came into play (of course, the dopey anti-ideas she's spewing have been around for yonks). I'm sure it started in America, and it's now overtaken the world. Was it MTV? Here in New Zealand, most females now sound like that (the three exceptions are so because they have been rescued by moi), and the males "communicate" in what we call "bro-speak" (if you want to know what that sounds like, listen to an All Black being interviewed. Or his interviewer).

Anyway, Ed, thanks!! Just when I was starting to recover some optimism! Eye

Obama's next cabinet appointment

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Since truth always comes first, I'll give Linz some ammo for a more pessimistic view of the future than the view I hold. I would argue that the individual in this video will be Obama's future Secretary of Agriculture or Commerce. She's that stupid:

Black trash

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No, I don't mean it's trash because it's black, but it is black trash, and eloquent testament to the cretinous vileness of the Age of Rap:

Snopes on the Educational Test

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Snopes researched the commonly circulated "1895 High School Graduation Examination" story and concluded it had a mixture of both truth and falsehood, stating that "the more things change, the more they stay the same."

Interesting Rosie

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The language section was difficult. The Physiology question 1 misspells secrete.

8th grade exam circa 1912

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Here is the 1912 exam.

"Have you ever seen the movie “Idiocracy”? It is a movie about an “average American” that wakes up 500 years in the future only to discover that he is the most intelligent person by far in the “dumbed down” society that is surrounding him."

[Warning: The film trailer is also an exemplar of AA but it could have been quite a good idea if placed in the hands of the British Film Industry.]

Full article here.

P.S. 8th grade = about 13-14 years old

Ukip tells Godfrey Bloom to stop referring to 'bongo bongo land'

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Ukip tells Godfrey Bloom to stop referring to 'bongo bongo land'

Party rebukes MEP after he defends use of phrase, saying he is articulating views of 'ordinary people in rugby club'.

"A senior Ukip politician who said Britain should not be sending aid to "bongo bongo land" has been ordered by his party to stop using the phrase because it could be considered "disparaging" by foreigners.

Ukip issued the rebuke to Godfrey Bloom, a member of the European parliament, after his remarks made at a meeting of activists sparked outrage among some MPs and anti-racism campaigners.

Bloom took to the radio on Wednesday morning to defend the use of the phrase "bongo bongo land", saying he was just articulating the views of "ordinary people in the rugby and cricket club".

But shortly afterwards, the Ukip leadership distanced itself from Bloom's expression.

Steve Crowther, the Ukip chairman, said: "We are asking Godfrey not to use this phrase again, as it might be considered disparaging by members from other countries. However, foreign aid is an extremely important debate that needs wider discussion."

Bloom made the comments to a meeting of supporters in the West Midlands, suggesting foreigners used aid to "buy Ray-Ban sunglasses" and "apartments in Paris".

His remarks have emerged in the week Ukip is due to publish its list of approved candidates for next year's European elections, in which the party hopes to get the biggest share of the vote."

Insults you could still get away with at Liverpool FC

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The guy in the photo has a moustache like Ed Hudgins, coincidence?

Insults you could still get away with at Liverpool FC

In an effort to beat discrimination, staff at Liverpool FC have been given a list of 'unacceptable' words and phrases – but there are some politically correct ways to insult someone, and they are worth remembering...

Baby talk

Babies aren't offended by unflattering comparisons, because they are babies and babies are stupid. If you find yourself in a situation with a whiny colleague, feel free to state: "Don't be a baby." Or "Aw, poor baby." Or "Did baba do a poo-poo in his knick-knicks? Did he? Did baba do a poo-poo in his knick-knicks?"

Old-man insults

Imagine that you're a crotchety old man sitting out on your porch, scared and confused about how quickly the world is changing. If you strip away the racist and homophobic things you'd shout at youngsters – you are an old man, after all – that leaves you with a brace of wonderfully pejorative insults. Why not try "Punk!" or "Hippy!", both accompanied by the requisite fist-shake? Or, since you work for a football club: "I'll put a bloody knife through that ball if it comes over my fence again"?

Shakespearean insults

"Vile one". "Dunghill". "Unnecessary letter". "Naughty mocking uncle". "Deboshed fish". "Cullion". "Juggler". "Canker-blossom". All insults invented by Shakespeare, and all so effortlessly highbrow that none of your colleagues will ever mess with you again.

General insults

Finally, don't forget that the world is still full of non-discriminatory everyday insults that you can use whenever you like. Why not try "stinknozzle" or "pranny"? In the right context, "massive git" can be a conversation-ender. Go wild! The world is your pottymouthed oyster.

German man faces flat eviction for smoking

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German man faces flat eviction for smoking

"A court in Germany has ruled that a man who smokes in a rented flat can be evicted if the smoke gets into public areas of an apartment block.

The Dusseldorf court's verdict followed a complaint from the landlady of the building where Friedhelm Adolfs lives.

She and other residents said that they could smell the smoke in the stairwell.

The 74-year-old heavy smoker had argued that his flat was not completely sealed and he could not help it if smoke seeped under the door to public areas."

Stephen Evans

BBC News, Berlin

Germany is more tolerant of smokers than seems to be the case in Britain and North America.

Smoking is banned in public places but special rooms are set aside in restaurants.

All the same, there is resistance to what protesters at a recent rally in Dusseldorf called "pervasive paternalism".

They carried placards likening the smoking ban to the regulations made by the Nazis and Communists.

The smokers are particularly angry that in parts of Germany the ban has been toughened to prohibit smoking in tents at carnivals, for example.

At the demonstration, one mayor railed against what he called the "persecutory smoking law".

In its ruling, the Dusseldorf district court said that other residents of the apartment block should not be expected to endure an "unacceptable and intolerable odour".

yes, but...

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I think your initial comments were right Doug. This movie (book) is fodder for left-wingers and libtards.

Yes, but Younkins explains why. Hugo was essentially a Kantian. The whole duty centered ethics to the poor is on display in Hugo, as well as countless other now established Leftist shibboleths. Younkins is more positive than I would be but he lays out the essence of Hugo's altruism, and IMO how he was secularizing Christianity.

Based on the movie...

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...and people have commented that it is very close to the book, I have to disagree with Younkin's analysis.

It seems to me he has completely twisted the interpretation of the plot and characters to try and eke some positive value from them where there is practically none.

I think your initial comments were right Doug. This movie (book) is fodder for left-wingers and libtards.


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Read this:

Younkins gives one of the best reviews of the book you'll read.

The Miserables!

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I found the film "Les Meserables" to be thoroughly miserable, depressing and anti-life. (Definitely implied anti-capitalism as well).

I have never read the book by Rand hero Victor Hugo, so someone please tell me that the film completely inverted the orginal intention of his book.

Bankruptcy when government is too small..

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Video: This bitch with the dreads (an outward sign of degeneracy, especially when combined with tattoos) is profoundly stupid.

H/T Stephen Berry

Blame the Summer Intern

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Per this story, "[I]n a bizarre twist, the station also blamed the National Transportation Safety Board, which had confirmed the names for the station prior to the broadcast. The NTSB apologized late Friday and acknowledged that a summer intern who was answering phones as a volunteer at the agency confirmed the fake names 'in good faith' for KTVU. So far, neither KTVU nor the NTSB have explained where the names originated."


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That really happened.

I was wondering how it happened. Was somebody playing a joke on her and/or trying to illustrate that she is a dummy who will read anything off the prompter?

How does this get past the people in the newsroom? They even had a separate screen with the names on it.

Oh dear!

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Did that really happen?!


Michael Moeller's picture

How does she not figure this out as she is reading it?

You asked for evidence...

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Marcus—"They Live"

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"They Live" (1988) centered on an alien race that overtook Earth via subliminal messages as shown in the video clip. That said, the scientist who initially exposed them condemned them as "free enterprisers" and various segments suggested the screenwriter (John Carpenter) had a beef with capitalism. We know the real problem is "crony capitalism" and this movie had the bad guys practicing it in a major way. The plot of the movie had the protagonist first uncovering the conspiracy and then striving to expose it by destroying the central complex that continued to broadcast the brainwashing waves. It is worth watching.

Latest Airhead Saying

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"Totes hilaire!"

(Translation: totally hilarious)

Learned from no. 2 son this evening!


"Totes hilaire, Mum!"

What does that - "Totes hilaire" - mean?" I asked.

"'Totally hilarious.' Get with it, girlfriend!"


Speak roughly to your little boy
And beat him when he sneezes.
He only does it to annoy
Because he knows it teases!

May I suggest another part to add to your KDQ Progrom, Linz?!

The "Eradication". Eye

Mathusean airheads

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Also see peak oil airheads and global warming airheads.

This sort of article in the Guardian really irks me:

Humans: the real threat to life on Earth

If population levels continue to rise at the current rate, our grandchildren will see the Earth plunged into an unprecedented environmental crisis, argues computational scientist Stephen Emmott in this extract from his book Ten Billion.

"Science is essentially organised scepticism. I spend my life trying to prove my work wrong or look for alternative explanations for my results. It's called the Popperian condition of falsifiability. I hope I'm wrong. But the science points to my not being wrong. We can rightly call the situation we're in an unprecedented emergency. We urgently need to do – and I mean actually do – something radical to avert a global catastrophe. But I don't think we will. I think we're fucked. I asked one of the most rational, brightest scientists I know – a scientist working in this area, a young scientist, a scientist in my lab – if there was just one thing he had to do about the situation we face, what would it be? His reply? "Teach my son how to use a gun."

How about some facts. This is from Wikipedia:

The actual annual growth in the number of humans fell from its peak of 88.0 million in 1989, to a low of 73.9 million in 2003, after which it rose again to 75.2 million in 2006. Since then, annual growth has declined. In 2009, the human population increased by 74.6 million, which is projected to fall steadily to about 41 million per annum in 2050, at which time the population will have increased to about 9.2 billion. Each region of the globe has seen great reductions in growth rate in recent decades, though growth rates remain above 2% in some countries of the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa, and also in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.

So the rate of population increase is on the decline. Birth rates are on the decline. Fertility rates are on the decline. Populations are not growing in the west, except through immigration.

Since Malthus bleeding hearts have been trying to feed us this line in the west that we should consume less. If you really want to reduce population levels in developing countries you would advance technology/ industry/ wealth levels in these countries as fast as possible. That would slash birth and fertility rates in less than a generation.

Nihilist airheads like the author of this book would have us believe that the only way to stop large population increase from destroying this planet is to consume less and be more green. In other words, go back to the dark ages. When as you can see from the above evidence, exactly the opposite is the case.

Propaganda for airheads!

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OK, I'm a few months behind, but that this piece of airheadery is still posted on youtube as being genuine is a tribute to today's western Airheadery.

Made by a NZ airhead, it takes about 30 seconds of footage to realise that this is made by a western liberal conspiracy theorist who hates capitalism and western values.

In contrast, the "real" North Korean government spend all their time making sure people have no contact whatsoever with the west. North Koreans would not understand this documentary, nor would they care about any so-called manipulation in countries which (from their point of view) are rich and happy beyond their wildest dreams.

Amazingly, even South Korean airheads in NZ believed this documentary was real. Watch this!

Full Brazillian!

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Strange, no mention of the former socialist pin-up Lula da Silva.

Worse than airheadery!

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I took this photo of the window of our local Citizen's Advice Bureau.

Not only do they use "gay" in a negative way and then tell you not to, but this is a reminder that Orwell's "1984" has arrived in the shape of "hate crime".

There IS only crime!

From Wikipedia:

"Many critics further assert that it conflicts with an even more fundamental right: free thought. The claim is that hate-crime legislation effectively makes certain ideas or beliefs, including religious ones, illegal, in other words, thought crimes."

Alex "airhead" Jones on BBC

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Conspiracy nutters unite!

Good God...

Kyle Jacob Biodrowski's picture

Not that "Check your privilege" bullshit...

Has there ever been a greater idiotic substitute for thinking and argument?

Check your privilege!

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Yuck! It could only come from America!

Check your privilege! Whatever that means

"To be fair to them, its meaning is not always obvious, because all too often the well-intentioned phrase is abused. But roughly speaking, it is a way of telling a person who is making a political point that they should remember they are speaking from a privileged position, because they are, for example, white, male, heterosexual, able-bodied or wealthy. It is, in other words, a sassy exhortation to acknowledge identity politics and intersectionality (the school of thought which says, for example, that different minorities experience oppression differently). So for example, if a white, female journalist tweets that she "literally could not give a shit about" the representation of black women on Lena Dunham's TV show Girls, she will face a chorus of tweets telling her to "check her privilege". Or if a former Tory politician writes a comment piece saying feminists should not get so bogged down in fights about identity, she will be told to check her privilege. Or if a white, male journalist writes a blog for a rightwing newspaper's website sneering at the concept of privilege-checking, he will be told to – OK, you get the picture.

The command to check one's privilege might feel ubiquitous now to those who spend too much of their days on social media, but in fact the phrase has experienced a slow burn. The first use of it was in 2006, on the social justice site, when a blogger calmly wrote about how everyone to a certain extent speaks from a position of privilege and they should take into account that others are not as privileged as them. You can date the phrase back further, to 1998, when Peggy McIntosh used the word "privilege" in her essay White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack. But it was really's post that coined the phrase and established the still current usage. Slowly, the phrase started appearing on blogs – often feminist ones – and, as far as I can tell, the Guardian (take a bow, Guardian!) was the first national newspaper to use it last year.

So far, so what, really, right? Well, now we get to the fun bit of check-your-privilege's story, when it stopped being a calm, thoughtful and still faintly academic phrase, and became the subject of ferocious debate among, first, those on the left and, now, those on the right.

First, it is important to remember we are dealing with interactions on social media here, a medium that is to "calm" and "thoughtfulness" what the Daily Mail is to reasoned political debate. So when journalist Caitlin Moran said she "literally couldn't give a shit" about racial representation on Girls, she was bludgeoned with commands to check her privilege to a degree that veered on bullying. Many on the left complained that the phrase was too often being used to shut down debate; those who used it said the complainers were merely upset at being called out on their failings. For the first half of this year, it looked as if the quarrel was merely among those on the left, reflecting issues of, equally, liberal elitism and liberal guilt. The growing interest in feminism in the media – aided in a large part by Moran's book, How to Be a Woman – also kept the phrase in constant use, with some feminist bloggers arguing hotly among themselves about the merits or otherwise of intersectionality in feminism.

These debates became so vocal that it was inevitable the phrase would soon be noticed on the either side of the political spectrum and, boy, hasn't it just. Last week, former MP turned fashion blogger Louise Mensch wrote an excoriating piece that ran on the Guardian website claiming that British feminists spend their time arguing about "privilege checking" whereas "American feminism gets organised". This came as something of a surprise to anyone who knows that the concept of privilege-checking and intersectionality originated in America. One can only assume that Mensch hasn't spent too much time on any US campuses if she thinks American feminism doesn't engage in identity politics. Anyway, as seems to be the way with modern media now, writer Laurie Penny then wrote a column in response defending privilege-checking and the whole thing became a pan-political, multimedia bunfight."

Boston bomber's bitches

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Airheaded females are clamouring for the release of the Boston bomber, apparently because he's pretty. They are swarming all over Faecesbook and Twit-Witter with such ejaculations as:

Seeking Truth @FreeJahar97

Yes i like Justin Bieber and i like Jahar but that has nothing to do with why i support him. I know hes innocent, he is far too beautiful.

One can only regret such slags and dregs were not among his victims. As it is, they have the vote.

By airheads...

Marcus's picture

...for airheads.


Jules Troy's picture

I liked that movie!!

Liberal rewrites...

Marcus's picture

I haven't seen the original, but this is funny!


Olivia's picture

The thing is though, eunuchs had their manly bits taken off so that their demeanor resembled women rather than men. Biebers, et al, have not had their manly bits removed, yet they behave as though they have.

Beauty and the Bieber

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I have given examples where the society's politics are not Left and masculinity is valued yet have still held eunuchs (emasculated men) in high esteem and valued them.

I don't know whether feminism is responsible for emasculating men right round the western world - I certainly don't see much evidence of emasculated men where I live or in the male friends my children bring home.

Beauty is something that has always been admired - whether male or female - regardless of the political climate. Oscar Wilde observes this in his characterisation of Dorian Gray in fiction and his blind adoration of Lord Alfred Douglas in non-fiction.

Justin Bieber, for all his lack of talent, is beautiful in that pretty boy way that many find appealing and attractive. I don't at all but I can still see that his skin is flawless, his hair is lustrous and of good colour, his features are small and even bla bla - all of which is supposed to be the embodiment of health and beauty and which most people would admire.

The adulation of Justin Bieber, in my opinion, is nothing more than a PR exercise plus media hype using this pretty boy to exploit for money. As with many other "pop" stars; he just happens to have the gift of 'modern' beauty.

The "Cut for Bieber" madness started as a stupid joke which was picked up and taken seriously by some of the airhead Bieber fans. I suspect these people are probably the "sheeple of the media" to be fans of the virtually talentless Bieber, so the fact that they would also just as thoughtlessly follow an idiot's suggestion in an attempt to show how much they "care" or some such facile rot, and not consider that it might be facetious or a form of black humour, is not totally surprising.


Olivia's picture

I'm not convinced that the Left are responsible for the Bieber Phenomenon.

I very much agree with Doug on this, the Bieber phenomenon (and the miriad of others like him) are girls in male bodies. Soft, pretty, spineless, sensitive to a fault and in need of far too much attention than they actually deserve. And this is without their balls cut off! The Left, with its massive emphasis on feminism, is responsible for emasculating men right around the western world. Also the "cool" obssessed nihilism; "Cut for Bieber" bullshit.


Rosie's picture

In a healthy society that valued masculinity, would there be such a phenomenon as Justin Bieber?

Throughout history there have been quite a few famous eunuchs (the closest analogy to Justin Bieber I could think of) in societies that have been said to value masculinity. These eunuchs served as consuls, chamberlains and advisors to Roman emperors and Egyptian pharoahs; and don't forget the most "phenomenal" eunuch of them all: Sporus whom Nero renamed Sabina and then married! Perhaps this should be under the subheading: Ancient annals of airheadery?! Eye

I'm not convinced that the Left are responsible for the Bieber Phenomenon.

Yes I Can

Doug Bandler's picture

You can't say this has anything to do with the Left?!

Everything in today's society has to do with Left. They run things. In a healthy society that valued masculinity, would there be such a phenomenon as Justin Bieber?


Rosie's picture

All I can say is that the Comprachicos have won.

You can't say this has anything to do with the Left?! Nothing at all?! Eye


Rosie's picture

"Excellent! They should be encouraged to start at the throat."

Maybe they would have except for the instruction from Justin Bieber's cap in this picture !


Lindsay Perigo's picture

I can hear Linz thinking, "What a shame that they didn't all just finish themselves off completely!"

Quite so. My first thought was, "Excellent! They should be encouraged to start at the throat."

re Bieber

Doug Bandler's picture

All I can say is that the Comprachicos have won.

*Almost* unbelievable

Rosie's picture

There is a singer called Justin Bieber who is a girl-boy (!), can't sing, can't dance, can't play a musical instrument and so, naturally, became the American airheads' No. 1 Singer, Dancer, Musician and Pin-up Boy for a while. Eye

Last night at dinner, my younger son said something about "Cut for Bieber" to his brother and they both rolled their eyes. I asked what that meant and they said that when the news came out that Justin Bieber had used drugs, some kind of "prank" started requesting all those fans of Justin Bieber who were disappointed by his drug-taking to cut themselves.

Well, of course, the airhead fans did not realise it was a prank and so began a terrible nationwide phenomena of Justin Bieber fans cutting themselves known as "Cut for Bieber". Evidently if you google this under images these twits have put photos of their self-mutilations and lascerations up on the Internets! I haven't looked myself and don't intend to.

(I can hear Linz thinking, "What a shame that they didn't all just finish themselves off completely!" but the point is, have you ever heard anything so stupid and half-witted from both the prankster and the fans? It would make you weep. No. It would make you want to slash your wrists! Cut for Mario!!!)


Kyle Jacob Biodrowski's picture

But you've got to love Rubio's response, check out his tweet on the 14th:


Irredeemable Fucktwittery

Lindsay Perigo's picture

I have no particular link for this, and none is necessary, since the Internet is awash in it right now: the fucktwits on Twit-witter, Faecesbook and other repositories of retardism have given their considered response to Marco Rubio's response to The Filth's State of the Union address ... and it consists entirely of comments on the fact that he took a swig of water part way through it. And some folk say I'm imagining "Airhead America"??!!

A cacophony of crushing cretinism.

U.S. adults were recently

PhilipD's picture

U.S. adults were recently asked, 'Would you rather have a job working for the government or working for a business?'

35% said they would rather work for the government. 35%!

48% of non-whites would prefer a job in the government over work in the productive sector.

"shining the torch for liberty"

gregster's picture

I’d like to give links here to New Zeal's detailed work in exposing the charlatan in the Whitehouse. B.O. is an unreconstructed Marxist with steady links to communists. That, to me, is willful ignorance and to carry out such a program of destruction is outright evil. No doubt he could have worked for the UN if it wasn't for the leftists' successful takeover of public education.

Trevor Loudon:

“Millions of patriotic Americans voted for their own destruction in 2012, because they had no idea that their country is beset by internal enemies.

A small percentage of Americans, knowingly, and unknowingly, have been working to destroy the world’s greatest country for decades.

Now, with their man in the White House, aided by a socialist infiltrated Democratic Party, and “progressive” Republicans, their efforts have gone into overdrive.

The mainstream media wont expose these people. Therefore even many conservatives, and patriots have no idea of the fight they are actually engaged in.

Make no bones about it. The US is going through a Marxist takeover…one very similar to that which took place in Czechoslovakia after WW2, or is unfolding in Venezuela today under Hugo Chavez.”

KeyWiki; President B.O.

B.O. Biography

B.O. and The Communist Party

That last link has screenshots from Communist Party USA site showing removal of “Our Party actively supported Obama during the primary election.”

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