When Billy Beck is On, He's On

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Submitted by Doug Bandler on Thu, 2013-01-10 07:06

This is an excellent blog post. I know Beck has been banned here and he unfortunately has embraced anarchism and can be an asshat at times but this is good:


This is a cultural problem about the existence of values. None of this is -- at this point -- a dispute over which values to hold, but about the very existence of values to begin with: what they are and why they are necessary to human life.

Taking Adam Lanza as only one extreme example of the cultural psychosis, now: that kid was somehow brought to an adult age without ever having been taught what values are. There are teeming tens of millions of specimens like him, now, at the dead-end of a cultural procession that began long before he was born. Not all, or even many, will run to the extent that he did, but their lethality is every bit as real over the long run, in their casual nihilism.

You don't understand: Adam Lanza is "the end game".

This extends to culture, TV, movies, sex, to everything. "Airhead America" is the end game. Of whom? Of the LEFT. Its progressivism played out at the level of culture. Which means its post-modern philosophy played out which means its Kant, Hume, the German and continental philosophers (although the Brits weren't much better), its all of them.

Lindsay gets this. Beck gets this. Many SOLOists get this. Does ARI get this? Do the Kelly-ites? Does OLY and Mr. Scherk? Does Babs? Does your average O'ist blogger that is complaining about the evil of Conservatives? I could go on.

Value deprivation is what is driving everything. Or actually Value destruction and Value denial.

Look out, Lady Slapper!

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Within hours of my post about Billy, I got a typically graceful and classy e-mail from him. Eye

Yeah Doug.

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Its progressivism played out at the level of culture.

It certainly is. And I hate it so! What an ugly, ugly sense-of-life it has resulted in!

Billy was rabidly, hatefully, defensive whenever someone pointed out the values deprivation within his headbanging musical tastes. (Actually, whenever they pointed out anything at all.) End game indeed. He was all wrapped up in that aggressive coolness so typical of rock musicians who like nothing better than to wank publicly over their big, noisy, hard, angry guitars. Pathetically nihilistic for an otherwise intelligent man.

People and their militant clinging to their blind spots!


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As an ardent devotee of headbanging caterwauling, why is Mr Beck suddenly concerned about nihilism?

An "asshat at times"? He was unfailingly a foul-mouthed boor, utterly without breeding, incapable of civil, non-profane discourse. Of course, SOLO can be a bit of a bear-pit, but he was the pits. What you've quoted above sounds like a different person.

From memory, I placed him under moderation, whereupon he challenged me to ban him outright, whereupon I obliged.

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