Morgan, Cats, and Woolly thinking

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Submitted by Damien Grant on Tue, 2013-01-22 21:00

Morgan has said that cats kill native birds.

On the evidence provided, this appears to a fact.

In response he wants cats controlled, or even better, eradicated.

That is his view, he is entitled to it. I do not have a view on the issue, but the reaction has been interesting.

The cat society has come out swinging, not on any basis of principle, or reason, but by denying facts.

Cats do not kill birds, they say. Cats are cute, they do not kill.

They have taken a leaf out of Richard Wiig's and Greg's favourite book; "Nelson's Vision".

If the facts do not support your preferred world view, deny the facts.

Woolly thinking. Everywhere.

Woolly thinking. Everywhere.

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Woolly thinking. Everywhere.

First up, I get where you're coming from and it bugs me too. The state of the public discourse is impoverished. Disagreements are not settled with recourse to reason, evidence, fact. People throw symbols of emotion around, tokens of feeling rather than ideas. Social conformity, social metaphysics, and anti-intellectualism are other words I could build useful sentences out of concerning all of this.

Reminds me that I wanted to check out the new "7 Sharp" current affairs show on TVNZ this week but have yet to do so..

So where do you see this going? The next generation coming through the high school inherits all of this and, I think I can tell you for sure, they're not bringing anything better of their own with them. Idiocracy here we come? Or is it going to burn out?

I don't know what your history is with these guys but how do you feel about saying what you've said, which is so true, on an Objectivist forum, and having it received with postings of pussycat memes? I think you've been slapped in the face by the community of philosophers we might have hoped would turn the tide. I'm sorry that happened.

Still trying to figure out if Kyrel Zantonavitch was doing the same or if he was kidding around by saying there ought be be a state holiday for Ayn Rand's birthday...what's the joint coming to?

Catwa on Gareth Morgan

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Catwa on Gareth Morgan

Feline Capers

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