An Excellent Description of What Leftists Believe

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Submitted by Doug Bandler on Wed, 2013-01-23 20:44

Once again I get this from a Conservative site not an Objectivist one. There is an ongoing discussion of why Leftists constantly believe that a "conversation" or that "education" can help overcome hostile evil. A commenter at Auster's site writes the below comment. The context is a discussion of an event in London where a Muslim was openly harassing a gay man. This presents a problem for Leftists. You have two "victim" groups (the gays are a legitimate one the Muzzies are not) involved, what is a Leftist to do?

I would submit that the belief in the unlimited reconciling power of “having a conversation,” even between open homosexuals and aggressive, devout Muslims, is merely an element of a much broader phenomenon. Other elements include the Progressive blind faith in the potential of diplomacy and that nations need never resort to violence to defend themselves. War is always a failure of diplomatic skill and not ever an indication on the limits of diplomacy per se. A similar logic has now been individualized in the case of self-defense and the attempt to prohibit the private ownership of firearms.

Progressives also believe that incarceration (let alone physical or capital punishment) is a kind of analogous barbaric failure to apply superior, enlightened forms of counseling and rehabilitation. Negative consequences for anti-social behavior are replaced by a regime of disorder diagnosis, therapy, and awareness education. Children need never be spanked or scolded, but only receive gentle explanations. The global institutions will negotiate away all international tensions. Profound questions of law, politics, and philosophy can be removed from the “force-lite” of Democratic counting of heads and transferred to the courtroom. Reason and talking can cure every human ill and settle every dispute, and the corollary that every resort to anything but pure reason and talking is always an ignorant or evil incompetence.

Of course, these are the core utopian hopes of the Progressive religion, over a century old, whose tenets never seem to die no matter how much evidence is brought to bear against their accuracy. It’s not just that the idea that Progressivism is objectively true, and that all reasonable, logical people of good faith would naturally arrive at the same core, common truths—like a bunch of Unitarian Universalists. It’s the deep rejection of the animal component of human nature and the wishful thinking that we can do away with harm and pain and discomfort altogether among the incentives that guide human action.

This is an excellent breakdown of Progressivism / Leftism, especially of its pacifism. But what would be the cause of that? Altruism is the deepest cause but the commenter is a Conservative and a Christian so he would never indict Christian self-sacrificial ethics. But it is precisely that self-sacrificial ethics that is behind every Leftist evil.

BTW, there is another discussion at the above link on why a Leftist would out of necessity HAVE TO take the side of a non-white alien (ie a Muslim) over a white homosexual just the way the Left threw a white woman (Hillary) under the bus to make way for a black President (Ozero). The Left has a hierarchy for its "victim groups" and non-whites will always get preference. That is the result of egalitarianism which is how altruism is being directed in today's Leftist world.

It wouldn't be a Doug post if I didn't bash mainstream O'ism. Once again I ask why can't a single mainstream O'ist make this identification? Why are they so clueless, and even sometimes sympathetic (ie "modern liberals are fellow secularists" a typical idiotic comment you hear from someone like Hsieh), with the true nature of the Left? I see more insightful social commentary coming from Conservatives then I do from 98% of mainstream and high profile Objectivism.

But what do I know, I'm a racist and a misogynist and an Islamophobe, etc, etc, etc,...

You are right of course

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Yes, but I did state that altruism is actually a self-sacrificial ethics. You're right of course but I do wish that the term altruism could still become to be associated with all things evil the way selfishness is now. I hate that altruism gets a get out of jail free card. Old habits die hard.


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Altruism is the deepest cause ...

How many times must I tell you? Sacrifism!! I'll drill it into you yet. I hold out no hope for anyone else here. Eye

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