The Modern Liberal Doesn't Think

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There is a very good interview by Jamie Glazov at FrontPageMag.Com with author Evan Sayet whose book, published Dec 18, 2012, KinderGarden Of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks was described by Bill Whittle as “perhaps the most important book I’ve read in the past ten years.”

I hadn't heard of Mr Sayet, but the related speech on Youtube "Regurgitating the Apple: How The Modern Liberal Thinks" has been around since 2007 and I see Sandi posted the link here. The book sounds worthy if allowances are made for Sayet's "intrinsicist/subjectivist false dichotomy." (Lindsay's words.)

FrontPage: You talk about the time Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar walked off their set when Bill O’Reilly dared to say that Muslims attacked us on 9/11. The Left’s need to deny the truth about Islam is very inter-related with your thesis, right?

Evan Sayet: Well, it’s just the flip-side of their enmity for all that is good, right and successful. If there’s nothing wrong with Islam – and the indiscriminate must start and end their “thinking” with the belief (or at least stated belief) that there’s nothing wrong with Islam for otherwise they would be engaging in discriminating thought, then how is one to explain the abject failures and the horrific actions of the Islamists? The former can only be explained by declaring them to be “oppressed” (and since their failure is so deep and widespread that “oppression” must be horrific in scale) and their acts of terror and other atrocities must be explained away as having been “provoked,” thus the same actions any and all other cultures and religions would have taken if only they, too, were so horribly oppressed and victimized.

This, then, requires the Modern Liberal to invent horrors committed by the victims of Islam in order to “prove” that there’s nothing the matter with Islam. I’m sure you’ll recall Ward Churchill, the chairman of the department at a major American university declaring in the wake of 9-11 that the victims deserved to be burned alive in their place of employment because every American is a “little Eichmann.” Is every American really a miniature version of the architect of the Holocaust? Of course not. In fact, as with everything else the Modern Liberal believes (or says he believes), literally nothing could be further from the truth. So why did this man offer up such horrible slanders against the newly massacred innocent? Because he had to. Because if the victims didn’t deserve it then the attacks of 9-11 would have been nothing other than wanton mass murder, making the perpetrators evil. Since, to the indiscriminate, the terrorists can’t be evil, then they must portray their victims as evil. In every case the Modern Liberal, in order to remain indiscriminate, must discriminate against the good, right and successful.

Hitchens on Clinton: It's the sign of a psycho

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"He's not just a rapist, he's a war criminal." At 9:38.

(Sayet was a writer for this show.)

Also at Daily Caller

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He understands that the Left is ALWAYS WRONG because of its egalitarianism (does the ARI understand this?). I believe ARI knows the left is always wrong, and that only by chance do left-liberals ‘formulate’ anything correctly.

Which is what I have been saying. You’re on the money Doug. When I, upon a blue moon, differ I’ll be polite in letting you know.

He was very heroic for saying this. Great that he’s put it in book form. I’d be very impressed if he’d consign his remaining goblin to the kindergarten and confidently expound reason.

The term altruism also gets an understanding airing:

Even if you disagree with many of the policies proposed by the Democrats in Congress, which you say are dominated by “Modern Liberals,” don’t you think they are motivated by altruism in supporting, for instance, universal health care, even if you may think it is unfeasible and perhaps unconstitutional in its current form? How is that supporting evil, instead of perhaps supporting a misguided policy?

I have no doubt and don’t make any other claim that the Modern Liberal’s purpose is altruistic. Their desire is, in fact, the ultimate in altruism: to create heaven on Earth. It’s just not mature, has no relationship to the grown-up, real world and, ultimately, because it doesn’t, it leads them to policies that are invariably destructive.


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I saw this years ago. Its good. Sayet gets alot right. He understands that the Left is ALWAYS WRONG because of its egalitarianism (does the ARI understand this?). He doesn't use that term but he is basically saying that the egalitarianism and the relativism of the Left makes them psychotic. Which is what I have been saying. He was very heroic for saying this. He was rewarded by the Left by being de facto black-listed from Hollywood. But he knew that would be the result going in. Thanks for posting this.

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