I am and shall remain a devotee of Mr Perigo

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Submitted by Damien Grant on Mon, 2013-02-11 06:13

Last night I told Lindsay that I was going to take a break from SOLO, and in the process told him that I was a fan.
As is his style, Lindsay pointed out that I was more effusive in private about him than I had been in public. That is true; perhaps the nature of this blog is not conductive to such statements. Let me rectify this.

Lindsay has had a profound influence on my thinking. Especially after he left TVNZ and became a full-time libertarian and occasional Politically Incorrect cardboard cut-out poster boy; complete with glass of red wine and cigarette. I read what he wrote and listened to what he said.

I’m a great admirer of Lindsay. He was a fantastic broadcaster (someone should give him a gong), had the talent to be there during the transformation of New Zealand and cover it up close.

Holding such controversial views comes at a cost. Those who live only in the shadowy corners of the internet sometimes do not understand this. To stand by your views, damn the consequences, takes courage. I admire such courage.

I am and shall remain a devotee of Mr Perigo. I do not always agree with him but my views have been shaped by his influence. Since being here I’ve had cause to re-read Rand and see it with new eyes.

I am not an Objectivist but I am a libertarian and I am a fan of Lindsay Perigo.

Damian, sorry to see you go.

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Damian, sorry to see you go. Come back some time - I thought that by the end of our "free will" thread that we were getting into some interesting territory, which is how the better debates go. I share your view about the value of being able to duke it out here on this website.

Good point Commander

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The mess of contradictions must have been unbearable in the end, and he's decided to spend more time with his family, as is, too, predetermined.

Well, that's some good things

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Well, that's some good things I suppose, but it's not like you could really help yourself.

Cheers Damian. Haven't

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Cheers Damian. Haven't engaged with you much but enjoyed your contributions. Keep up the good op-eds in the NZH.

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