Australian Famers Hogtied by RMA - Agenda 21

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“People have had enough of this bureaucracy, this madness”

Lord Monckton, interviews Australian farmer Peter Manuel (exec director of the farmers and land-owners group) on the resource management regulations which are exposed as weapons for quiet wars against private property owners. Not only are farmers being regulated to the point that they cannot farm. One property owner was struck and badly injured whilst on his own property by a vehicle driven by RMA thugs.

“There is real fear of the Resource Management board; the people are running scared of it. The farmers are scared of it. Scared not because they are busy doing illegal things, but they are scared that whatever they do, they can be held liable. I’ve seen notices on the road here saying “nobody is allowed to touch, or disturb or move or pick the vegetation or even disturb the soil”

“The judges who are willing to sit there and savagely enforce these cruel and improper laws, allowing for egregiously outrageous fines to be imposed on people, who in this case were extracting water that they were entitled to extract; this is an outrage”

I see on his website that Lord Monckton will be on tour here in NZ sometime in the next few weeks.

Part one - 14:37

Part 2 - 48 seconds

Part 3 - 13:59

Part 4 - 15:57

Part 5 - 10:16

Lord Christopher Monckton, a prominent British global warming skeptic, who funded the distribution of the "Great Global Warming Swindle" in English schools as a riposte to Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth.

"Is science dead? Must reason fail? Shall objectivity be slaughtered again on the pagan altar of mere ideology? Is life now objectionable, liberty deplorable, the pursuit of happiness a crime? Has the nation had its day? Is the globalization of governance really a public good?
- The Lord Monckton Foundation


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