MP: Richard Prosser kneels to serve the will of his aggressors

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Submitted by Sandi on Wed, 2013-02-13 21:32

Richard Prosser has enslaved himself to the will of his attackers. He has thrown himself at the feet of his antagonists requesting that they forgive him for speaking his mind. Richard Prosser also kneels at the feet of the very islamists he speaks out against. These same islamists hold the moral high ground. Have you ever seen an islamist apologise for islam?

Mr Prosser has sacrificed the value of free speech by withdrawing from speaking it for the sake of pleasing those which he condemns. They, who by which the very nature of their attack against speech, are attacking the moral fibre of free speech in New Zealand. Free speech is all about freedom. You cannot have one without the other. Speaking out against Islam in Malaysia carries a maximum sentence of five years in jail. How many muslims here in New Zealand are actually standing up and defending free speech? Can you name just the one?

It is therefore, reasonable to say that Islam does not respect or value free speech because it is an enemy of it. (No Mr Key, we are not all equal. People have differing values and morality)

Richard Prosser you do not not belong in a political forum, you belong in the “time out room” where you have voluntarily placed yourself. You are not worthy of any political platform because you have set your precedent. If there is a risk that your opinion may offend your constituents, you will with-hold it. If the truth as you understand it to be, can be offensive, you will spin it.

To the Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei, who says that Mr Prosser should leave Parliament because "This is hate speech”. I hold up a mirror to you and say that it is YOUR hatred of free speech that is knocking down the pillar that upholds the freedom of speech here in New Zealand and I HATE YOU for it. I HATE your opinion, I HATE your party, I HATE your morality and I HATE being forced at gunpoint to finance my own antagonists.

To the New Zealand Government. I demand the right to be offended!

To Islamists everywhere. I am not sorry that you are offended because “I do not agree with what you have to say, BUT I will defend with my life, your right to say it”

To New Zealanders. Watch this man (below) and ask yourself, is this a man of courage, of principle, of morality, and of value. This man is not an apologist. Is this a man that you would have representing you in parliament? Without free speech the virtue of reason from this man would be silenced at the point of a gun.

I’ll leave the last words to Salman Rushdie “What is freedom of speech? Without the freedom to offend, it is not free speech.

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