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In John Milton's Paradise Lost [1667], Satan says: "Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven." But why be either hell's master or heaven's slave?

Hell is evidently an experience of limitless, horrific, surreal pain, while heaven is seemingly a kind of unending, marvelous, ethereal bliss, which quickly becomes bland, insipid, and tedious -- and then irritating, exasperating, infuriating, agonizing, and remarkably hellish.

So rather than select one of these two god-awful alternatives, why not choose to live on Earth, and enjoy your Life in all its potential, glory, unfettered independence, and personal freedom? The happiest Man in the universe is neither dominant over, nor submissive to, his fellow man. To be either a dictator or a serf is degrading, debilitating, and dehumanizing. Your sovereignty, individuality, humanity, and nobility just dies. And with them, your sacred Life's meaning, purpose, pleasure, and happiness.

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What?!  You mean you have not received the super secret Linz-Galt's Gulch captain crunch decoder ring?! 

PS: This was a really beautiful heart warming post.  

Organization Man

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Thanks again, Sandi. Altho' I still wish I was a member of a powerful secret society of the elite. Cool

I used freemasonry as the perfect example

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because it sums up the entire antithesis of your statement. Fee-masonic morality and its virtue is humanly corrupt, ritualistically degrading, debilitating, and dehumanizing of candidates, members and master's. (Note that the slaves do have masters and the master has masters. Every aspect of masonry is about subservience and control (debilitation and dehumanization).

The initiation ritual alone requires a man to be blindfolded and to kneel semi naked, at the feet of superiors who pass judgement of him. (Criminals face judgement, freemen face no others but their EQUALS). In other words complete and utter self degradation and condemnation. Remember a self-LESS man is a slave. A self-ISH person is not.

I really loved your post. It made me want to leap from my chair and punch the air with glee because even such simple definitions of morality, reason and freedom, are tropical islands in a very slick, sticky and stagnant liberal sea.


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Thanks, Sandi. Freemasons are appealing on many levels. But ultimately I think their religiosity and service-to-mankind moral ideal makes them virtually impossible for a true Objectivist or neoliberal thinker to join or enjoy.

Outstanding Post

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"Why not choose to live on Earth". Absolutely.

Religious collectivists choose to ignore and perhaps actually shun the fact that freedom is nature bound and instead look upon it as a privilege sanctioned by a god, or state order.

"To be either a dictator or a serf is degrading, debilitating, and dehumanizing. Your sovereignty, individuality, humanity, and nobility just dies. And with them, your sacred Life's meaning, purpose, pleasure, and happiness"

Yet there are those who voluntarily sacrifice natural freedom in favour of absolute servitude, because they not only sacrifice their freedom, but they sacrifice their reason, purpose and self-esteem as well.

Excerpts from a speech “Elitism in Freemasonry”
RWBro S. C. Barker, P Dep GM,
This speech was given at The Masters & Past Masters Research Lodge in Christchurch on 19th November 2008.

“as Freemasons, we should all view ourselves as an elite body by the very fact that we live by – or should live by – the stated ‘aims and objects of the craft’ as laid down in the antient charges of a Freemason set out in the beginning of the Book of Constitution....

...It is therefore disappointing that not all Freemasons perceive themselves as elite members of our society...

...the candidate himself confirms for the very first time that he comes to be initiated with a favourable opinion of Freemasonry, a general desire to learn and a sincere wish to be more extensively useful to mankind.....

...At the conclusion of his initiation, he is told that the foundation of Freemasonry is ‘the practice of every social and moral virtue’. He is lectured on how to discharge his duty to God, to his neighbour, and to himself; that he is to be an exemplary citizen; and that, as an individual, he should practice every domestic as well as public virtue and maintain those truly Masonic characteristics, benevolence and charity….

…In the Final Charge following his second degree, the candidate is told that he ‘should not only conform to the principles of the order, but steadily persevere in the practice of every virtue’….

….the fact that Freemasonry is an intellectual and philosophic exercise designed to make him a far better person than he might have been before.

…The Final Charge in the third degree again stresses that the purpose of Freemasonry is self improvement – not in the material sense, but rather that at the end of one’s life, he is seen as fit to take his place in that eternal mansion not made by human hands….

He is again urged to make the regularity of his own behaviour the best example for the conduct of others…..

….he consents to a comprehensive list of instructions as to his attitude and behaviour, all of which serve to reinforce the superstructure being built from the foundation laid some years before when he became a Freemason….”

...Each Lodge is constitutionally required to have investigation authorities (Rule 53), and it is incumbent upon those who comprise the investigating authority to ‘investigate the moral character and personal circumstances of the candidate and to report thereon to the Lodge..."

Issue 4 2008 - Freemasons New Zealand
www.freemasons.co.nz/ cms/ articlespublications/ downloads/ doc_download/ 70-issue-4-2008/ -

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